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  1. IzunaK

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    J36-S Traded. Just looking to buy right now. Primarily looking for any variant of the P30, P22-S in Black (Sz. S), and P23A-S/P23TS-S in black (Sz. M), and any variant of the P25 (Sz. S). These are the only pairs of pants I'm looking for, though I would also be interested in overshirts, and modular liners like the J65-AK (Size L/XL in Tops) Located in the CONUS, Paying with PayPal.
  2. IzunaK

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Still looking for the P30/P22-S! J36-S is still up for grabs as well.Willing to part with it for $1400.
  3. IzunaK

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: J36-S in Size Large, Full pack. Spec Sheet and Bag included, but there are two cuts in the bag due to customs going through it. The jacket itself is undamaged. Dropping the price down to $1500. Looking to sell via PayPal. Located within the CONUS. WTB: P30A-DS, or any other form of the P30, Size Small. Looking for a pair with no damage, or holes. Patina is fine though. Also WTB P22-S In Size Small, looking for Black preferably, but RAF Green is fine as well!
  4. IzunaK

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: J36-S in Black, Size Large. Full transparency, the only big defect with the piece is the plastic bag. Customs went through the package when I got it, so there's a huge gash in the side of the bag. Spec sheet is still intact, and Jacket has taken no damage whatsoever, and just has a slight patina developing. Looking for $1600, Full Pack. I would prefer to ship within the CONUS. Doing payment via PayPal.
  5. IzunaK

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: Pants: P30A-DS, Size S P27-DS/P27-H DS, Size S P22-S (Black and RAF), Size S Jackets: J46U-WS, Size L J36-S, Size L (Preferably Olive, but will also take Black) Also looking for Epic Cotton jackets as well, Size L. Located in the CONUS, paying via PayPal.
  6. IzunaK


    Is the SS20 J47-GT on the mothersite bigger than previous iterations? I have the J47R-GT in a large, and I can't really layer anything aside from a sweater underneath without the arms feeling snug. But looking at the measurements in size Large in comparison to the J1A 2.2, the SS20 J47 is bigger in every category.
  7. IzunaK


    You went down a size on the J58? I was looking at that to add on to my J1A, but I figured I should get the large. I figured they should be the same size to the liner lines up with the fitting points? Or should I just size down? I currently wear ACR jackets in a large myself. J1A 2.2 is pretty comfy for me to layer up with, but the J47 I can only get away with something light.
  8. IzunaK


    Yeah, during the Fall/Winter I generally layer up with a hoodie, or some sort of lighter insulated layer, like the Atom LT from Arc'teryx. I can get away with light insulators and hoodies in my J1A, but the most I can really get away with on my J47 is a long sleeve sweater. I'm normally a 44 inch chest, but I size up in jackets for layering reasons. So I'd assume to grab an L if I plan on doing some layering with it, then?
  9. IzunaK


    What's sizing like on the J33-E? Kinda looking for something slightly longer, and non-GTX, but I'm kinda torn between the M or L. For reference, I do wear an L in the J1A 2.2, and the J47R, but the J47 definitely feels a little slimmer in an L.
  10. IzunaK

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: P27-DS/P27H-DS: Size S P22-S (Black): Size S 3A-1, 3A-2, or 3A-3TS Bags Also looking for non-GT jackets in Size L. Paying via PP, located in the US.
  11. IzunaK

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: P30A-DS, Size Medium. Full pack, includes Spec Sheet, bag, and detachable cuffs. Located within the CONUS, and looking to ship within. Looking for around $1400, but I'm also willing to wiggle a bit on the price. Only worn about 3-4 times and has no signs of damage. WTB: P27-DS, or P27H-DS in Size S. P30A-DS (Or P30-DS, or even the CH version) in Size S. Looking to do payments with PayPal only.
  12. IzunaK


    Thinking of copping a pair of the P22-S in RAF green off the mothersite..Does anyone own these pants that can comment on the sizing? I'm around 5'10", and I wear a medium in the P23-S, and also a Medium in the P30A-DS (Though I feel like I could go with a small in these if I just wore them cropped) Would it be better to go with the Small, or Medium in this case? Emailed the mothersite, and they recommended a small, though I figured I'd get a second opinion before pulling the trigger.
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