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  1. skycrawler


    Another fit picture of the J44-SD in green, been wearing it almost everyday the past week, and loving it! The dual zip aesthetic when using the zip expansion reminds me of some older gt jackets.
  2. skycrawler


    Received the J44-SD today, S size in green. Took a picture for comparison with 3A-1 olive. My first impressions: 1. It is thick, heavy and warm, winter coat indeed. Felt significantly more substantial than stotz which can be attributed to the fleece lining. 2. SD material.... very comfortable to touch. Stotz felt a tad rougher. 3. I don't find the pockets inaccessible as some mentioned, and find them very utilitarian to use. I like the extra touch of the selvedge pocket opening. 4. I tried it in shawl collar mode first for half a day, and flip it up for the other half. I find the shawl collar mode more comfortable. The flipped up mode felt strange originally, the teeth of the zip against the neck takes some getting used to, and it is only marginally warmer than having it down. 5. Overall I am happy with the purchase and see myself wearing it a bit this winter. cheers!
  3. skycrawler


    It's coming...
  4. skycrawler


    Wore J33-E today. Yes the material is certainly not quite water-resistant as compared to stotz or CH, but the light weight fabric is very enjoyable to wear, .. Tokyo is 21 degrees this evening, and wearing it felt very pleasant in the cooler almost-summer night.
  5. skycrawler


    received J33-E in black today, hard to take pictures so I am just going to write about first impressions: 1. Fit: I am small for all acronym shells, and this one has a very straight and comfortable fit, not tight, plenty of space for layering. 2. Fabric: It feels very similar to some of my marmot climbing pants, between a CH and a Stotz, it feels closer to a CH. It drapes very nicely, I think some of the pants like the P25 should be made in this fabric. Because of the nice drape, my favored configuration for this jacket is actually to use the one inner button and leave the zips/other bottons undone, similar to this: It really drapes very nicely, and shows a nice silhouette. 3. Color: Cannot go wrong with black, especially Acronym. But when I first received the piece, I imagined what it would be like in the alpha green, and that image is somewhat attractive to me. I reckon that it can also be a very nice color despite how i mentioned disliking it in a previous post. I still don't think I will go through the hassle of swapping it just for the color. Black still suit me more I think. 4. Pockets: One of the highlights for me. The bottom two pockets I will use to put my hands in. The top two, are cavernous, they are huge inside and I think that the center pocket connects to the same compartment as the top left pocket. It is one of those very delightful and functional discovery that you cannot see from the picture of the jacket. Overall a nice piece for cool summer nights and spring/fall. I don't think it is heavy duty enough as a outer-shell for harsh winter, but for milder conditions it should be no problem.
  6. skycrawler


    I copped the J33-E in black. Not a fan of that alpha green color really. J67 looks great first impression, but not something very new for me. The pattern of the J33 does look beautiful and utilitarian especially if draped unbuttoned, especially with the longer length. Looking forward to the fabric, never tried it before.
  7. skycrawler


    I received the J36-S black in size S yesterday. The feeling was as positive as when I received the J56-S two winters ago. I think personally I find the stotz material more comfortable to wear than the goretex. It is certainly not waterproof, but it can withstand a light drizzle. I wouldn't stand in anything more than a light rain for more than 5 minutes. The pockets are more comfortable to use than the J56, and I quite like the high collar. In terms of fit, it felt snug but not tight. I don't have the stacking issue in the arms. I can layer the J74-PX or the J63A-FO underneath with ease. It is a keeper for me.
  8. skycrawler


    Damn I was late and missed the J36-S in the beautiful green. I also would have liked P32-DS but S size is sold out... bummer... So I copped the J36-S in black instead
  9. skycrawler


    I have both the J63-F0 and J74-PX in white that I've been wearing throughout winter, layering under a thick down. I find the J63 just slightly warmer than the J74. Both are equally stunning pieces personally. I find myself wearing the J63 more often because it is black, ages really well, and looks good when I wear the J65-AK over it. The J74 feels flimsy at first, but is really solid in construction and does not rip or tear at all. The FO fabric on the J63 is also flimsy and thin at first touch, but is really quite lasting.