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  1. skycrawler


    I think the J68-PL in RAF looks sick. Really nice color. Personally not too fond of the bi-color J1Bs..
  2. skycrawler

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: 3A-3TS + 3A-MZ3 (set of two) - $1500 excluding shipping and Paypal fees Used about 10-15 times. Black Foil shows signs of use, but entirely intact without tear or flaws. Will consider trading for P36-E in size S.
  3. skycrawler

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: 3A-1 / Olive XPAC / Excellent Condition (used less than 10 times) / $1100 WTB / Trade+cash: P36-E size S
  4. skycrawler


    For me the most interesting piece this drop is the J87-WS. I dig how it drapes at the back, and the front jacket sling?? Need some demonstrating how utilitarian it is gonna be. Although I probably prefer a tougher fabric to the WS, like the E fabric, so it is not just a raincoat-like pull-over.
  5. skycrawler

    Pure Blue Japan

    Some close-ups of the BKAI-013 that was just released by Pure Blue Japan recently. See the AI in the inverse rolled-up sides of the cuffs. Amazing texture as always. http://pbj-jeans.ru.shopserve.jp/SHOP/BKAI-013.html
  6. skycrawler

    Pure Blue Japan

    Hi guys, this is my first time posting on this thread (been mostly over at the techwear/acronym thread). But I have been a long time denim head, and I thought I like to share my thoughts about something from the PBJ Harajuku shop just two days ago. I treated myself to their BKAI-013, which was really amazing to see in person. On the website and their instagram, the AIBK-013 looked really beautiful, but that BKAI-013 is truly special and one of a kind although I am quite skeptical about the color which is more grey than black which is why I had to go down to the shop to see it for myself. I had their AI-003 for a couple of years, and the texture of the fabric on the skin is identical, but the color of the BKAI is really somewhat like a Chinese/Japanese ink painting. It is not dark or deep, but it has that wabi-sabi quality to it that really attracts me. Hard to describe until you actually handled the fabric in person. There will be little to no fades on both the sumi and AI, according to the man attending to me in the store. When I asked which he will recommend (between BKAI and AIBK), he immediately replied it will be the BKAI. I can't wait to really break it in. http://pbj-jeans.ru.shopserve.jp/SHOP/BKAI-013.html Since some of you spoke about the Oni, I thought I briefly mention it. I've wore it for two winters, and the Oni 20oz BKBK fabric is hell of a comfortable, the black is beginning to turn grey at high impact points, but its one of my favorite jeans at the moment (compared to my Samurai, Kuro and ironheart). https://www.denimio.com/oni-902zr-bkbk-20oz-secret-black-denim-high-rise-relax-tapered-oni902zrbk.html But I only wear it in colder weather, so for now BKAI will be my go to jeans this summer
  7. skycrawler


    I had it since last Summer, it is my only Acronym "long" shell (though not quite long really) and I am quite pleased with it. It is quite water resistant in spite of the thin material, drapes really well, and I like the roominess of the pockets. Though I did find the pockets positioning slightly awkward, the lower ones too low and the top ones too high for me to put my hands in comfortably. But it is a minor inconvenience. Almost a year later, it still feels as new as it did last year. I have yet to washed it. It is too thin for winter, so it only lasted till late Autumn for me.
  8. skycrawler


    My J44SD (RAF) came with the wrinkles right from the very first day. I noticed it immediately when I took it out of the ziplock. I think it is more apparent on RAF than black, but I assumed it was an inherent part of the fabric and I never saw it as a flaw.
  9. skycrawler

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    This came a little late but I like to give a thumbs up to @neromancer for selling me his J1A-GT v2.2 over this site. Smooth transaction and communicative seller. Item received as described
  10. skycrawler


    Another fit picture of the J44-SD in green, been wearing it almost everyday the past week, and loving it! The dual zip aesthetic when using the zip expansion reminds me of some older gt jackets.
  11. skycrawler


    Received the J44-SD today, S size in green. Took a picture for comparison with 3A-1 olive. My first impressions: 1. It is thick, heavy and warm, winter coat indeed. Felt significantly more substantial than stotz which can be attributed to the fleece lining. 2. SD material.... very comfortable to touch. Stotz felt a tad rougher. 3. I don't find the pockets inaccessible as some mentioned, and find them very utilitarian to use. I like the extra touch of the selvedge pocket opening. 4. I tried it in shawl collar mode first for half a day, and flip it up for the other half. I find the shawl collar mode more comfortable. The flipped up mode felt strange originally, the teeth of the zip against the neck takes some getting used to, and it is only marginally warmer than having it down. 5. Overall I am happy with the purchase and see myself wearing it a bit this winter. cheers!
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