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  1. wow acronym actually sent an order confirmation to my email, for the first time. They finally upgraded their customer service
  2. Haven still has a last M for the P23! good luck guys
  3. what a fierce keyboard battle... I copped a P23A-DS in M on the main site... although I wanted a S... Spring Summer I also copped P10TS-DS in M and its okay with a belt. I'll make do I guess... and I am totally broke now
  4. Any ideas which online retails will drop together with acrnm site?
  5. Does anyone know if the J58-WS as an inner layer will work well with the J47R-GT?
  6. I just received my pair of size US8 KMTR from sneakersnstuff. I usually wear a size 41 for boots, and a US 8.5 for sneakers and running shoes. This pair fits me just right. I am quite in love with the design, especially how the magnetic buckle just locks the excess fabric from the tongue in place. It feels very sturdy and not flimsy at all personally. Definitely a light pair of spring/summer commuter shoes to do all sorts of things in the city. The only part of the shoe that felt "cheaper" to me was the draw cord on the heels. Having own a pair of Acronym prestos, the clip on cords at the back of the presto definitely felt much higher quality than the ones on these. But the Prestos are also priced way higher.
  7. Items just dropped at Undefeated
  8. END still has a last pair in UK10
  9. managed to get the black ACG.07.KMTR in my size at Sneakersnstuff had to jump on it the very minute the page went live.
  10. I once bought a BNWT J25-WS at Yahoo Japan Auctions for 400 USD. That was cheap, and there was only one other person bidding with me. Most of the time though, the prices are horrendously expensive, with the exception of the Prestos, which are consistently cheaper than grailed.
  11. Just received my J47R-GT (small) from The Commissionary. This is my first Acronym Hard Shell, and I am more than happy with it, and in some ways I can understand why it is was the most expensive piece in SS17. It is really understated. The construction, minimalist design and functionality is just amazing. I have also been wearing the J48-BR (small) and it is the most comfortable hoodie I have ever owned, although it is admittedly expensive for a cotton hoodie, but no regrets, I took it on a long distance flight and it felt like a blanket over my skin. I was caught in the rain and I just threw a J25-WS (medium) over the J48, and it worked perfectly as a rain shell.
  12. Hi, am new to the forum but have been following this thread for months. I just purchased a J47R-GT online, and eagerly waiting for it to come. I have searched the thread but cannot find much information on this. Does anyone know what are is new in this iteration of the J47 as compared to the older versions? The item description reads "New reverse seam allowance construction". Does anyone know what it means?