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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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- J36-S Black - Size M - Brand New - US$1550

- J47TS-GT Black - Size M - Brand New - US$1950

- J74-PX Black - Size M - Brand New - US$1450

- J73-WS - Size L - 9/10 - US$1150

- J72-DS Black - Size M - 10/10 - SOLD

J72-DS White - Size M - Brand New - US$1050

- S21-DS - Size M - 9/10 - US$850

- P30-DS - Size S - 9/10 - US$1350

Worldwide Shipping US$50 + 4.5% PP fees

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On 9/13/2019 at 12:23 PM, Xu Jianfeng said:



bundle 1

ng4-ak bnwt 

ws-cp4 bnwt 

1450 usd net





J40-CH size m

J66-GTV size m

J55-MP size m



my J36-S size bicolor body black size m bnwt 

for size m j36-s bicolor body raf, ill add around 100 bucks(least 9.5 condition). or down trade for the raf version, you add 180 usd for bnwt condition.

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Looking for ss-j2 sizes L or XL, black. Will consider any un-abused condition. Dont need bag or sheet, logo and headphone tapes are also not really needed. Just need this hoody for everyday wear. Im in Russia, will pay reasonable price. 

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On 8/28/2019 at 9:27 PM, Mixture said:


J65-AK Size L - $600 $550 Net (9/10 condition comes w/ only spec sheet).

3A-MZ5 Black X-Pac Pair - $285 $250 Net (Like new, Full Pack)

P30A-DS Size S - $1400 $1350 net (New, Full Pack)


J61-GTV Size S - $1950 Net (New, Full Pack)

Please add 3% PP (or gift) + shipping

Added J61.

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Looking to buy/trade for P10A-DS size XS, J29-GT size S in preferably NEW condition

Can offer (listed price available for sale incl. PayPal fee and shipping in US):

P30-DS size S 9/10 full pack ($1350)

P24A-DS size S like new full pack ($1750)

P17-CH size S like new full pack

P10-DS size S 7/10 full pack

E-J4TS Black size S 9/10 ($1250)

J47TS-GT Black size S new full pack ($2350)

NG4-AK new full pack

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J1A-GT 2.0 Small 8.5/10 (missing sticker on bag) $1600++

P23A-S Raf Small 9.5/10, full pack $1200++

P32-DS Small full pack 9/10 $1050++

3A-3TS 2018Xpac full pack 9/10 $1000++


J1A-GT 2.2 Xsmall Brand new

For / WTB:

J47A-WS Small

J1TS-S Bicolor Small

P30-DS Small

3A-MZ3 Sliver Foil

Based in the UK

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On 8/22/2019 at 3:18 PM, jeddyhsu said:

Want To Trade: 

3A-3TS - 3rdArm (2011) in Black X-Pac with Olive straps + _Coded sidearm


3A-1 (2011) in Black X-pac with Olive straps.


  Reveal hidden contents








Now accepting trades for your Black/Black X-pac 3A-1.

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