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  1. henrisan

    Watches and Denim

    it's currently for sale at B&S (on hold but since two weeks so I think the buyer don't pay any time soon) https://www.bulangandsons.com/watches/rolex-submariner-6536-0-small-crown-w-465.html
  2. henrisan

    Watches and Denim

    edwin denim at the lower right corner to fit this thread
  3. henrisan

    Watches and Denim

    send me a PM and I will try to help
  4. henrisan

    Watches and Denim

    send your bracelet to michael young from classic watch repair in HK http://www.classicwatchrepair.com/ it will come back as a new and have no stretch at all
  5. henrisan

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: Nike Air Force 1 Acronym (2017) US 8.5 NEW - 250€ + shipping send me a PM for pics etc.
  6. henrisan


    it's a joke! they all think they have gold but Nike dropped so much pairs ww so the prices will fall soon I think. we had over 150 pairs for sale and just 30 people in line for buying
  7. henrisan


    take a half size smaller guys!
  8. henrisan


    The Glade/ Firmament (which supported ACR from day one) switched location and ACR stayed but its literally a 1 min. walk. maybe it has also something to do with the leaving of joerg (BGHD). he was the face behin the store and had all the contacts (or at least the most important ones) btw: KITH also gone as a retailer? No mention on the website about the new season or Insta either
  9. henrisan


    me neither but after a phone call with andre yesterday where he confirmed that they got dropped by them I can assure you. they didn't even put an order for FW because they wasn't informed via subnet mail and the possible order was passed over - sad but true
  10. henrisan


    Firmament & END. for sure didn't see any new collection at BELIEF and Murkudis too
  11. henrisan


    ACR dropped them like a few other retailers - no further or a detailed comment was given to them.
  12. henrisan


    when I talked to Ian a few month ago he told me that they produced round about 50 pieces from the j63-pb (which is clearly a test piece). so lets estimate maybe 200-250 (WW) from no brainer products and maybe half of that for products which dont have the potential to sell immediatly. then you have accessoires which will have the smallest stock available. the factory has problems to produce bigger quantities each season so thats the reason why they split this drop like the season last year