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  1. saskey

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB new NG4 in silver/black. Preferably in Europe. Thx.
  2. saskey


    The drop seems to be October 18th. Referring to End Launches (https://launches.endclothing.com/product/acronym-modular-zippered-powerstretch-neck-gaiter-ng4-ps-ovs) and Pegg’s & Son’s Instagram Account
  3. saskey


    Strange at least. Haven't checked for a couple of weeks... Thanks for the info.
  4. saskey


    Sale at Slam Jam https://www.slamjam.com/en_CH/search?q=acronym&lang=en_CH
  5. saskey


    If I may ask: What is the problem with the zip on the J83-WS? Is it the jamming-up or the visual aspect? What I can tell from my eperience with the J74-PX is the "cover" material for the zip is jamming in and this is creating like a thin discoloration (like a white line) in the area. Talking black colorway here. If needed I can add a pic.
  6. saskey


    Or buy 2 ACR / other brand item you like...
  7. saskey


    After these bustling previous pages, maybe my questions was overlooked. Anyone? Or in other words could someone provide some pics of the inside of the hood of the latest J47-GT? Thanks in advance!
  8. saskey


    Hello! I am thinking about buying a J47-GT from the SS20 season as a hardshell for a my J74-PX. As both jackets have the auxzip feature I do know that they are generally combinable but does this also apply to the Fast Hoodǽ of the J47-GT with the fasteners of the J74-PX? I was not able to find any info/pics on the net/thread. The Fast Hoodǽ looks in general really "small". Are there any experiences with hardshell incl. Fast Hoodǽ and a hooded liner? Thanks for any help!
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