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Evisu is still loved!


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I have a blanket lined type I & a stormrider. Suppose you're choice should be determined whether you want a winter jacket or one for other seasons. The blanket lining does make a huge difference to how warm it keeps you. That said the lining in the jacket you've posted looks a bit aged and so may not be as warm as a new one & so could be a useful middle ground.

One thing I would say, and this probably shouldn't sway you either way, is that if you want crazy arm crease/fades it'll be difficult to achieve with a blanket lined jacket. I think only Swiss Jeans Freak can hammer a blanket lined jacket! Given the jackets you've posted have a nice bit of natural ageing to them anyway i guess you're not after that.

Edit: both are v nice. Good finds!

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Didn't spot your location. These are probably a breeze to come by!

Jackets are in the loft over summer so these are some old Iphone photos I've dug out so apologies for quality.




Type I (struggling to find a decent fit pic):


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I'll be in Tokyo and Osaka starting next week and all this talk of Evisu is making want to buy a 2000 in the No.1. I just can't decide which denim to get but leaning towards the Gatagata which is supposed to be the most slubby among the the No. 1 denim. Is that correct?

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So I'm thinking of buying a Evis (/no u!) denim Jacket. What cut do you guys recommend? I'm pretty small so maybe a size 34 would fit my arms best.


I was looking at this:




Not bad for ¥9300...


This would be nice for winter... 



Does anyone have one of these lined jackets?


Little bit of evis history...



I've got a type 2 Evis jacket (lot 1507 I think, the patched is fucked). I wore it earlier for the first time in ages. I'll get some pics over the weekend...

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Anybody got experience on 2000 No.1 17oz Tiger Selvedge !? ... SU2 ?

How's the denim in these?

When I asked denimio about the 17oz they said SU2. I bought the 14.5oz instead so I can't help you more than that.

Edit: I did the fourth wash on my 14.5oz and they shrink alot even now. I like the slim fit but if you want them loser I think it's possible to su3.

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