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Evisu is still loved!


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Finally got the evis 2101's , sooooo stoked ( never should have sold my last pair )

took a few pics at work 








the back pockets are blank for the time being but a kind sir by the name of Maynard is going to have them painted at the london store for me ( thanks again mate )




the rivets on this pair are different to my last pair , my previous pair had your standard LEE style rivets . 








really like the denim , super soft and quite smooth 




the sizing tab had me a bit stumped because this wasnt used untill the name change to EVISU but this pair also had the evis tab in the center of the waist , im thinking these were made quite close to the name change because of the overlapping details as more recent runs of this model didn't use the evis tab inside the waist band


ill get some fit pics up in a few days because the lighting sucks but i really like the fit  

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Flash I like them pockets as they are, was going to say that after I saw your pics. I like how they just have the tag on the left pocket, makes them stand out and you'd only know what they are if you know denim.

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Does the London store carry japan specific 2000s and 2001 or just European models? I will be there in a couple months and would like to pick some up if possible. 


Every time I've visited, it's been International stock only. As with all Evisu stores outside Japan, it's a fairly depressing experience...

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Flash I think you're right about the 2101's. I have 3 pairs and the ones I bought off you have the Lee StyleCraft rivets, I have another Evis pair which are the same as your new ones (also the same selvage line) and a Evisu labelled pair with the same rivets. Must be just a later run.

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Flash/devilva - those 2101s look really good. If I was after a pair of Evis(u), I think they'd be the ones I'd be looking at, although I doubt I'd ever find a pair! Anyway, it's a moot point 'cos I'm done with buying.

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Havent worn these for awhile but ive got some older pics.. the denim gets so soft






Maynard I have told myself the same thing and ive been able to stick it so far. Its probably been 2 years or so since I bought a pair of jeans. Im happy with what I have, now I just have to wear them :)

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Can any experts enlighten me on this jacket? Just got it from the Dutch version of Ebay, seller says he got in back in 1999. It's made in Italy, and (contrary to what the seller told me), it doesn't show any selvedge. The jacket is unworn and the gulls seem hand painted.















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there isn't much to say...


the design is funky, i like it. the denim is generic, the patch's leather is ugly/cheap, just what you can expect from the son of the DIESEL guy, or from a franchise in general.


and actually, i've never seen handprinted seagulls like these before, not the form, but all the brushes details etc., i think they are not painted by hand, but by machine. its just too much..

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Looks like the typical italian made stuff from Evisu from the late 90's. I also have two jeans from that era. The leather patches looked ugly at first but will be ok after a couple of washes.

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I think mine were raw but I'm not sure. It's nearly 18 years ago since I started wearing them. I only remember that they were stiff. BTW, if you want to see some 90's Evisu jeans and jackets "in action", watch the video of 'Fastlove' from George Michael.

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