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Evisu is still loved!


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All yellow...




All the details look right on, it's just likely an older pair. Really bugging the part of me that wants to get the details on everything though! :)


Some more:





This is the only tag on the waistband, no Yamane care tag like on the last pair that was posted.



Patch is pretty well illegible—though I've worn these pretty hard over the past month, it's been wearing much more quickly than I'd expected.



Paint's been coming off very quickly as well—it wasn't new when I got them, but you couldn't see much of the fabric underneath it.



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I acquired the pair of 2001 No.1's I posted details of from a while back. Can't seem to capture the denim properly but I was surprised by how soft they are, a very nice feel to them and still very hairy although my pair have seen a wash and a little bit of wear. Pics came out brighter than they actually are. It's raining outdoors so indoor lighting had to do.


I'm very happy that I managed to find an older pair with the longer inseam without lashing out the big bucks. 


Any way, pics for your pleasure:

















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These were posted up in reddit today


"Hey all. So i found this subreddit out of nowhere and it gave me a flashback to my primary school times in my very flashy Evisu jeans! In Denmark 2009 these Heritage was very popular and the flashier they were the more awesome. Haha good times! Yes today i don't find them that pretty, but after all i kept them for some reason. I knew I had kept them safe somewhere and i found them. I did a lot of research before this post, but it was still pretty hard to find information about these jeans and rarity. As you can see in the pictures these are authentic Evisu jeans from a shop in Copenhagen 2009. I even think i got the receipt somewhere. The questions i got for you guys are: Are these sellable and if yes where should i go on the internet? How rare are these? As you can see they are Tukimi Special + the custom made logo inside the jeans. Do you think some people collect these types of jeans? Any information on these jeans is very appreciate or any help towards some sites, which could help me on the questions. I believe, if i remember correct, they have been hand washed in lukewarm water 1 or 2 times and worn maximum 5 times. They are purchased in May or start of June 2009 and the cost were about $300 at the time. If you need anymore information feel free to ask me. Thanks in advice." - per original poster.











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Part III: my first real Evisu, No.1. Don't know what era, that's up to b_f to explain. The construction is top notch and the kamome arcs are my favorite detail. The denim feels quite solid, heavy and pretty regular. Has almost a silky smooth surface. But in a better way than Cone, of course. Size 35 is perfect, even the short inseam is still doable. A close second to the Denime 66xx.












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Some great write-up/photo sets today Max. From what you've written and the pictures, the Evisu denim both sounds and looks incredibly similar to SDA's 10* denim. It would appear that both are dark, tightly-woven, regular, smooth denims that feel heavy for their given weight. The Denimes also seem to share these similarities.

Although not that important, I agree on the grey selvage too - yeuch!

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