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Evisu is still loved!


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Osaka is purple


Tokyo is electric blue


Thanks Chan!


So purple..dunno if I wanna have purple. A friend of mine is in Osaka during October so he might pick up a pair for me. And since I am wearing my old Evisu cuffed to 32" and it works...I might get away with the new shorter inseam (also with pulling on the leg)


Red-orange would have been awesome though :P


So the question is: white gulls, black gulls or no gulls

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Oh nice, they do look black in the photos.

I think it's cool how all the stores have special colors.
I still want to get a pair of either 2001's or 2000's, just need to move some other jeans first I think.

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I think for you a correctly sized 2001.

I'm not sure about this whole size up 3 thing either. Mine are the redlines that everyone was talking about shrinking like crazy. End of the day in the store I was recommended a size only one up from what I normally do and the waist is no problem at all.

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I think I would go for a size 38 based on all the talk around here, similar to my Ooe OA02XX's.

I wish I could see some post shrink measurements of a size 38 in both cuts.

The 2001 seems like it would shrink down to a nice straight leg cut.

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I washed and tumbled my pair of 2000 No.1 - been wearing them for half a day yesterday.

They are a size W35 and for now they work. They are slightly too lose in the waist and I know with further stretching (which will happen) they will be 1 size too big.

I'm a W32-W33 in most other brands with my true wait being around 33-34".

So, for the gatagata denim a SU1 (from true/real size) is recommended, people who like to wear their jeans lose with belt (or sensitive to having to stretch their jeans initially) can try to SU2.

Other denims, other cuts - might be a different story.

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The Tateoti book is heavier than most people would think. When I ordered mine a few years ago I was surprised at the weight of it. It's printed on thick photographic paper and the quality of it is great. A real collectors item imo.

Ed - when do you go to Japan?

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If you compare it to Trophy's Dirt Denim - I have to disagree.

I handled the Dirt a Denim during the little tour we did recently and it reminded me very much of an older lot Samurai Zero Denim (VX) in texture & touch. I can't say if both fade similar, yet.

Gatagata feels lighter and a little less slubby compared to these 2, but I do agree it looks much slubbier when compared to pictures of the recent, regular version of the No. 1 denim.

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So I'm thinking of buying a Evis (/no u!) denim Jacket. What cut do you guys recommend? I'm pretty small so maybe a size 34 would fit my arms best.


I was looking at this:




Not bad for ¥9300...


This would be nice for winter... 



Does anyone have one of these lined jackets?


Little bit of evis history...

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