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  1. Superslub breaking out of my 105's
  2. Any idea what the 108 cut is?
  3. I wouldn't say I had a favourite, the resolutes are a bit boring at the start. I bet though you have nothing like them already (unless you have some LVC, or even some SDA) so maybe worth a go.
  4. I just got some orslow and these are completely different to resolutes. The reslolutes are flat and even and feel much lighter in weight. My OrSlow I find are a bit slubby and more typically Japanese.
  5. 9 months.
  6. Not really, I normally just wear whatever is due a wash to skate in. As long as they are loose enough of course.
  7. No1 2001. 6 months 10 washes
  8. In my opinion there is no more shrink left
  9. I honestly thought that they where the same denim. Goes to show what a connoisseur I am. Will look again.
  10. Boncourra 66's are the only thing I want to try at the moment, but I'm totally happy with what I have, so they can wait
  11. 66XX at 8 months
  12. Mine are still holding up
  13. Mine are in this thread somewhere
  14. Nice that
  15. And on the raw denim craze, absolutely everywhere here in Bangkok.