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  1. An old cut used by Evis back in the day. Think it was only ever this model above tbh. I had a pair a while back and shared them on here. Some great pics there by the way!
  2. Yeah, 2000 and the pre soak measurements on denimio were accurate - I've linked them in a post above. Post soak you're looking at a 32 inseam and and actual (flat waist of 35 now it's stretched out a bit from regular wear. But... don't put too much stock in these measurements because: - I wore them during the soak so the waist remained pretty much the same as presoak - I only soaked them for 20ish minutes so the inseam length is probably longer than it would be if you soak for longer. Also worth bearing in mind that in my limited experience from breaking in two pairs of No.1s, the inseam length often doesn't reach its final length until after a few washes, hence my saying that these will only be cold washed from now on as the inseam is just perfect for my taste now. Choosing the 35 presoak size was just an educated guess - I've not bought a brand new pair of jeans for ages. At least it's easy to return with Denimio.
  3. You're speaking from experience there, ent ya? I've been pretty lucky with the stuff that I've picked up over the years. I'm going to let those 2001s go though, so if anyone is interested then get in touch as they are going on eBay tomorrow.
  4. These are the 2001s that landed yesterday. Tagged 36, they are now a 32 waist and inseam is just under 34. Not sure yet if I'm keeping these as I have enough denim for now. Nice pair though.
  5. Still 2000s but better pics now they've dried out lol. Very happy.
  6. The inseam is just over 32" by a fraction. That was after 20 mins sitting the bath at the warmest temperature I could be comfortable in. 2001 used to be my favourite cut but my preference is for slimmer these days which is why I went for a second-hand pair to save some cash if I didn't like the fit any more - plus I've got these 2000s and those Evis carpenter pants to wear from raw now anyway...
  7. It's about that - I'll check when I'm back home in a bit. I think it will drop a little lower than in the pics above once the starchiness has gone. They're a much more comfortable fit than my previous pair, still tight across the lap though but not in a bad way. I should be getting my hands on that second-hand pair of 2001s bought from Rakuten later on today or tomorrow so will be no.1 heaven after so long without the stuff!
  8. Cheers. They are dry now obviously, and still have a lot of starch in them but I'm not gonna soak them any more...Time to wear...
  9. Popped into my local tailor's shop for a fitting for some alterations so took full advantage of his mirror! Still damp 2000s. Only gave them a 20-minute soak and they are the shortest inseam jeans I've ever worn. I like the fit, and I expected the length to be like this. Fair to say that these will never ever ever ever be going near hot water in the future!
  10. Consistently inconsistent! That's a decent model. The store looks amazing too.
  11. And get all that extra room? Fuck that too! Currently dripping indigo onto my carpet - luckily it's dark blue anyway, ha!
  12. The measurements here for size 35 are accurate, apart from the thigh being slightly smaller in real life. The flat measurement for the waist is just under 17.5".
  13. 2000 tiger selvage in a 35. They came about an hour ago. Should probably have gone with a 36, ha. So I'm either gonna be sitting in the bathtub with them on to shrink or will be wedging the waist open to keep some breathing space there!
  14. It suggested 6% shrinkage for the ones I ordered so I should be ok if the inseam is just below 34" when raw. On my last pair the inseam didn't reach its final length until after a good few washes. If I'm happy with the length after the soak then I'll only wash them in cold water to be on the safe side! Denimio, mate. Should be here within the next couple of hours.
  15. Well, they confirmed that the inseam is 86cm which just about matches the 33.9" that the website shows. And they have shipped already... Go by visuals lol Were they on eBay for a while some time back? Btw, I wouldn't have even thought about a 2000 if it hadn't been for you pointing out the inseam measurement when we were talking about the 2001 a few days ago, so cheers!