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Japan Blue Momotaro


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alright. So i was thinking of throwing them in the hot water for a few hours n' half way dry do a warm tumble dry. they came one wash n' safronized so won't shrink much anyways.

Think they'll still be too big that's why I wanna sell these.

or you guys think i should keep these and do that hot soak first then get them tailored?

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Middle_earth, what you don't seem to get is that when you want to sell jeans outside of the supermarket you need to use the line "shameless plug".

And remember never to bump a second page thread with your sale.

That should keep you safe further on from iamstarwars and other meanies.

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wait - you need evisu denim to repair ur denime's ?

i'm planning on joining the denime contest ASAP, that's why the shameless charity drive is going on(see denime contest thread):

this is a sickup, give me your fucking$$$!! yeah, i take euros too! denimes or die bitch...


i'm bound to wear a hole in them sooner or later,so so extra vintage evis denim is perfect. i LOVE the denim flash sent last time. who would turn down a gift of evis scraps?

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So, the BIG says the 701s are "slightly sanforized" and will shrink about an inch in the waist. Does that mean, after washing, they will stretch beyond one inch in the waist?

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yes, it's really a shama how much momotaro gets no real sufu love. never any evo pics. somebody, please! something tells me they fade dope as shit,too.

i'm holding out a little while longer before i get mine a hot wash. the taxi job is definitely accelerating the fading on them.

if i've got some time over the weekend i'll get some good macro's of some of the better details.

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Damn. Not used to seeing this hue on jeans. That's pretty crazy. And you can tell it took a long ass time, and a beating to get it to fade like that. Damn. And it's still darker than most jeans. Damn. I really want a pair.

I'm not sure. It can't be too long. The pocket thread and crotch are 100% intact.

or if it is super long... :D

or they fixed it all before posting pictures

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