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Japan Blue Momotaro


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they said 0701 slightly sanforized but isn't that true?

zimbabwe cotton stretch very well my experiential

when you wear it several days it'll fit on you

sorry to bother you

but can you tell us actual measurement of 0701 each part?

I want to buy 0701 but too short front rise makes me hesitate.

Correction: zimbabwe cotton doesnt affect stretch, stretch is dependent on the tension of the span yarn, the tighter they were span the less the stretch.

My girlfriend has a pair of "going to battle" women's skinny cut. They didnt stretch much at all.

The front rise is ok, not too low, just Follow the measurements here, i find this quite accurate.


I would suggest you buy the 0201 and size down one. I mean, if you were going to buy size 32 in 0701, buy size 31 in 0201. If you look at the measurements, you will get a similar fit, but with a higher rise.


the measurements on BiG is not so accurate, my pair measures exactly 31 (tag size 31) in the waist (not 32 on BiG), i'm scared to soak them... -Dont suggest ppl denim unless you own it yourself and have the personal experience... it's really irresponsible..

dawei what size did you get, is that the going to battle jean?

nope, this is the vintage model, so they have plain pockets with no war paint. I'm a 31 for flatheads, skulls, andewhall, and everything else, and i got 31 for these. measure 31 to be exact. (BiG method) The reason they r tight is due to the low waist...(i think)

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... -Dont suggest ppl denim unless you own it yourself and have the personal experience... it's really irresponsible..


I do own them myself, mate, otherwise I wouldn't suggest it.

Also, the chart on the Rakuten site is one-wash, while the BIG measurements are non-wash.

happy new year.


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went to japan this week, copped me some momotaro 905s from hinoya. and then while exploring shibuya, found a momotaro store right behind the 45rpm store, and i got myself a lil denim pouch.

jeans came with this bag and the sticker i got for free with the pouch


905 "wide leg" but i wouldnt call it wide at all at least not on me. i dont have a measuring tape with me but the thighs for sure are definitely not as wide evisu no2 models. my thighs at their biggest are almost 23 inches, and when i pinch the thigh fabric i get around a quarter to half of an inch excess




what the pink inseam looks like vs the normal colored stitching


got the pink carbiner to match the pink selvage, gonna put what usually goes in the pockets in this, especially since the back pockets arent lined and i skateboard and dont take my wallet out even when i sit on my board



pink selvage ftw


cool peach details on pocket bags


cant wait to put these things into my normal rotation, gonna wait till april tho when my 1 year is up on my sufu db pants

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So here's my Take 5 x Momotaro's after a year of somewhat consistent wear. They're holding their color pretty well. As you may have seen from some of my waywt pics, they're not a very tight fit. I'd say they're a bit darker and the color has a bit more nuance to it irl. Hard to get the levels right on my camera & i didn't want to PS them to much.










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Picked up a pair of 0701s at BiG a few days ago. They are a size 28, hemmed to about 34". I'm loving the fit and denim. They are a bit roomier and more tapered than my Skulls (also a size 28). The denim is tight, smooth, and neat--similar to my SD-103s.

These are the best pics I could get. Hope it's enough to get the basic idea:



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from what benny told me before they are natural indigo dyed so the greenish blue hue to it and lendos hard to fade issue i assume its really natural indigo

I always learn alot from you, Edmond. :D

Thank you very much.

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Here are my Momotaro 0703/0705SP. Not really sure why there are two model names but they are low rise, slim in the thigh and then straight from the knee down. Here is a link


I got them true to size in a 32. They have stretched a little but but they were not that tight to begin with and I wear a belt so the shrinkage has been minimal. The second day I had them, I tore a huge hole in the knee. My mechanic installed makeshift license plate bolts to replace the old rusted ones. I was walking around the front of my car and one of the bolts grabbed my knee and ripped a perfect L shape in my brand new jeans. Oh well. I got it fixed up at a tailor who did a pretty good job but also tapered the knee a little bit.:confused: Anyways They have about a month of solid wear. They are taking forever to fade and are very very dark. I have washed them 2 or 3 times already but I am gonna give that a rest to see if i can develop some good creases. Because they are not as tight as my size 30 skulls, They might take longer to fade and the fading/contrast will also be more broad and less sharp if that makes sense. I don't know why I am saying that, I guess its just something to think about.

This first pics are just to show how dark they are even after 1 month and 3 washes.



There is hardly any crotch fading yet and yes my belt is too small.


I like how the paint is fading! Everyone thinks I did it myself haha


For a pair of jeans that fits looser, I wish the back rise was a little bit higher. That was my fault though :(


You just have to embrace the selvage.


And finally here is the repair job that was done.


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He actually pulled the selvage edge in a little bit. Im not complaining though I can hardly notice while wearing them.


Here are some pics of the fit


this one was a tough angle


Here they after the trip to BIG. To be fair we didn't walk all the way to grand central from Green st. Those are cab creases :)



And finally here they are hangin' out with my skulls in the back yard.


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I am seriously considering getting a pair of Momotaros soon. I think that I am leaning towards the 0201s. I got a pair of Skulls recently and I am looking for something a little less slim. I am usually a size 32 in Flatheads and Ironhearts. I did go with a 31 with my Skulls. What size Momos should I be?

There doesn't seem to be many evo pics of Momos either. I want to see a faded pair.

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Any idea, how much do 0705SPs stretch?

I picked up a pair 0705SP which is one washed.

It fits very well in thighs and below. But in the top portion, it's pretty tight. I can button up all but with effort.

Does it make sense to keep it and work on waist stretching or exchange it for a bigger size?

Any input will be appreciated.


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