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The Sneakers we wear with our jeans


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The US Rubber Company are also made in Slovakia. I think that factory produces for a number of companies. I also have some Spalwarts which are from there, I'd guess.

I wear the same size in all: EU 44.
Edit: The novesta I have in UK 10 which is EU 45.

This one


In vans I normally wear a US 11  (they say EUR 44.5) or US 11.5, which they say is EU 45.

Recently the US RC were on sale at aboutyou. Perhaps you can still find them there. I didn't see that Vans style there though.
Mostly these in high and low.



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2 hours ago, Broark said:

Same problem I have with more Japanese footwear, they don’t make up to size 12. :sad:

Have you tried the Asahi yet? I'd say their largest size 29.0 is one size bigger than US11.
But probably works only, if you have slim feet.

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@indigoeagle Haven't tried Asahi yet, I do have fairly wide feet (I'm a US 12 in MiUSA New Balance which are known for being wider).
I've also heard mixed things on the quality. They seem pretty affordable if purchased from Japan directly, but they're also difficult to track down in 29 cm.

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The Asahi sneakers fit one size larger than the others. I got the Doek and Trophy in 29. The Asahi is the same in 28.
So I have a white pair in 29 to sell for EUR 89+ shipping. I've worn them once outside, so the soles are not 100% clean anymore.
The same as these:




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^ busted out a pair of those I'd had sitting in the closet for a few years and wore them to work – the soles came off during the walk there! Lucky I had some old doc chukkas in my desk drawer. Australian climate's not kind to old sneakers... Nike air crumbles away, New Balance rubber cracks... anything with a Margom sole unit seems to last the distance, though. I've some ancient Common Projects high tops that I got second hand as beaters that will not quit, as well as a few Buttero and more presentable CP.

Lately I've been enjoying Doek and Moonstar – I should take pics, I guess

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Some recent purchases 

Bought the Chicago's , ajko breds and the 86 big bubble in Japan from Worm and the black/white 85 1's ( repro ) i bought off ebay 


Got a pair of jordan 1 retro shadows on the way aswell 

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Got this Tiger Mexico 66 in indigo denim colorway. It's actually made out of Okayama denim. Came with a nice sample. Shoes are very nice.











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