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TCB: happy jeans contest


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I wish I could take credit but the design was my girlfriend's creation! I gave her a crash course on patches throughout the ages and what the overall aesthetics were, and I also mentioned(liked aho did) that the company owner was a cat lover, but she did the rest. The sad(and cool thing) is that the pair is going to go to her(her first selvage denim), and I'm gonna buy my own. So at least we have one girl breaking in the contest pair :)

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whatever suits you! I have a similar waist area, I wear 34w on most brands but I think I couldn't make this 34 work for me. the tcb 60's I have are 36 and are a perfect fit. I could probably squeeze in a W35 myself but don't see the point of sizing down on a cut which is intended on purpose to be loose.

I'd be happy if I could get this style of fit



loose without being overly sloppy.


great tumblr photos by the way!

i have reassessed my comments based on the latest measurements.  Its either gonna be a 35 or 36.

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Drumroll please!......


I present to you, the official contest patch! (this will be on leather!)




Congrats to our own fellini for his entry!



Yes, this is a fucking legendary patch..

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Thank you again everyone for your participation! We are now opening up orders for the contest jeans. Orders will be made via Paypal and handled by The Lost Found. Shipping is included in the cost! To order your contest jeans:

Please send funds via Paypal to:

[email protected]

Price: $200 USD if marked "Friends and Family" option (formerly known as gift)


$206.10 USD to cover current Paypal fees (standard payment for goods)(more protection if you so desire)

In your order, please include the following information:


-Delivery Address (including country)

-Waist size and Inseam length (for inseam, please denote what you want POST WASH)

-Raw or One Wash preference

-Customs declaration value (not required but for those with a preference)

Order cutoff date is July 7th! Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you again for your participation!

Let's do disssss!

Once you've ordered let me know and I'll put you down on the official entry list!

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Is the extra 's' in 'jeanss' on the patch deliberate?

Of course. Look where Strauss is on the classic Levi's patch. Then take a gander at the tcb patch with two cats on some of their jackets and you'll see where they got the idea and why we decided to keep it

Edit. Will get jeans tomorrow. Very excited!

Edited by fellini_esque
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hi all im sorry but alot of who made payment lack a couple dollars. pls send a net amount of 200usd to us.

and also pls dont specify post wash waist size we dont wAnt to be eligible on wrong measurements thats why i flew to japan to take actual measurements of the jeans so you guys can gauge your post soak waist size.

pls specify - raw waist size and raw inseam .

all jeans will be shipped RAW.

thAnk you brothers!

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