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TCB: happy jeans contest


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Well friends, it’s been a long time coming. I’ve been kicking around an idea for a contest/special run with Inoue-san at TCB and would like to get a list of interested parties. Working with Inoue-san, we’ve come up with the following (hardline specs for simplicity/organization sakes):

-50’s cut

-Available in sizes 27, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 40 (let me know if you need another size)

-Length of your choice (over 84 cm post wash available)

-Custom patch (anyone interested in designing?)

-standard 50's denim, 13.5oz, 6x6 Zimbabwe Cotton

Start Date: August 1st, 2014

Length: 1-1.5 years

We’ve all seen the potential of this denim and I’m excited to help spread the TCB love the world over! Please let me know if you’re interested, and in the meantime, below are pictures of what we can anticipate, including size chart (for odd sizes, estimate in between; I myself will be getting a 33):


RAW chart:


product information:


Sample pictures:


Jeans at 10 months: http://happyjeans.jp/tcb/2013/12/31/5102

More epicness...




More deets in next post...

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Details continued...

Sponsor: Denim Guru and visionary, Eddie (aka themaster) has graciously stepped up to sponsor the contest, covering additional costs of taxes, etc. etc. and also a prize. The Lost Found Shop will be handling orders!

Price: $200 SHIPPED (+Paypal fees)

Prize: Any Pair of TCB Jeans AND Top! yup, you read correctly! If you want to pull a full Seaman's outfit, now you can!

Potential List:

1 bobbo

2 aho

3 volvo240thebest

4 Projectp

5 mumbojumbo

6 KrunkyB1

7 garden gnomes in space

8 ed

9 tchengaa

10 fre-co

11 PAUL T (!)

12 rayw44

13 jyoni

14 erk

15 sugar mountain

16 Jared-Lee

17 fellini_esque

18 chazychaz

19 coldstorage

20 gratefulmelon

21 simon


23 tpun (?)

24 kcobain123

25 meschan

26 @nelsonhoward

27 @slysamonte

28 @rlabrina

29 ranon

30 Unique

31 Inoue-san TCB

32 Taishing

33 ah_long

34 Capsicum Fried Meat

35 Barenderson


Thank you again everyone for your participation! We are now opening up orders for the contest jeans. Orders will be made via Paypal and handled by The Lost Found. Shipping is included in the cost! To order your contest jeans:

Please send funds via Paypal to:

[email protected]

Price: $200 USD if marked "Friends and Family" option (formerly known as gift)


$206.10 USD to cover current Paypal fees (standard payment for goods)

In your order, please include the following information:


-Delivery Address (including country)

-Waist size and Inseam length (for inseam, please denote what you want POST WASH)

-Raw or One Wash preference

-Customs declaration value (not required but for those with a preference)

Order cutoff date is July 7th! Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you again for your participation!

Let's do disssss!

Once you've ordered let me know so I can create an official entrant list!

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Good job Aho!

Count me in! Just needed an excuse to further extend my TCB collection. Breaking in the 50's in the Mediterranean heat will be a f*****g torture though!!!

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Damn, they look so great! I'm sooo tempted. But I don't want to screw up again (like in the UES contest) and mess up on my sizing, and have to back out a month into the contest :(  When's the date to let you know if you're 100% down aho?

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While sales are obviously good for Inoue, I do hope that there isn't the typical influx of sudden new members who have 'always' wanted a pair of TCB and are just 'desperate' for a pair yet just have to ask who Inoue is, what TCB jeans are and how much of a discount they'll get for never ever returning to share......


Hopefully this will be the Ooe round 2 instead!


ahah true, but we can say that TCB's stuff has a very fair price to start with.

Given the great way that 50's denim fades (as I'm seeing w the TCB jkt, which sports the same fabric) this is going to be a good one..


so Hoggy are you in? :) :) :)

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Should be alot of fun! Like Hoggy I'm thinking (and hoping!) this could be the sequal to the Ooe contest, and that was awsome even watching from the sidelines.

But then again I'm still in HWDC. Need to convince myself I could and should double it up. I'm on the damn fence.

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Bobbo don't think about the HWDC and just join! updates from Volvolandia are needed here, and I have no doubt you won't regret getting a pair of TCB, they're f*****g good!

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Bobbo don't think about the HWDC and just join! updates from Volvolandia are needed here, and I have no doubt you won't regret getting a pair of TCB, they're f*****g good!

Haha! I'll probably cave in. If I'm not mistaken the measurements are quite alot like my Warehouse 1001's so the fit should be damn good. 

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Hi Aho, thank you for helping and organizing the contest ....has always wanted to buy a TCB jeans

however , may i ask could it consider for 60's denim.?i would be in if 60s denim to be considered..since i have loads of 50s cutting jeans

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i am quite interested! i actually tried a pair of 34 but i couldn't even put them on in raw state. i currently own a pair raw studio dartisan 101 with tag size 36. so i guess getting a 36 will be a safe choice, right? thanks !

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