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  1. I'd like to join too and hope i ll be more active than for the 50s contest
  2. Got mine, number 5, i ll do pics pre/post soak later
  3. Yes, i ll wash mine when i ll get the contest one. What kind of shipment will you use Edmond ?
  4. Little question : Does someone here have a well worn pair of HC nonpareil ?
  5. My choice goes to ww2 cause recent ww2 models from FC are very tempting
  6. Money sent too
  7. wow ! it rocks
  8. About the patch ... the patch with 2 cats that hajime uses on Tcb50 Jacket is pretty nice. Tcb likes cats then why not a patch with cats ?
  9. Wow ! I am interested but I already got the tcb50 ! May I purchase a new one to join ?
  10. A contest about tcb or devis would ne great ! I d like to join it