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TCB: happy jeans contest


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lets get this thing goin!! 


Erk, they're more than welcome to join of course!

Start will be August 1st, maybe we can do earlier if we all get our pairs? Details on ordering comi g soon! Hopefully by Sunday!

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Sorry for the lack of updates guys, you know my situation by now lol

Hope to have patch mock ups soon and ordering process lined up in the next day or two. Ed and I just need to sync up and we'll be all set!

List is 31-32 I believe...

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volvo's are popular among TCB lover's.. it all makes sense to me!

I was sort of kidding when I suggested the volvo patch, but I haven't totally lost my hope of seeing a volvo somewhere in that patch!

cross post from waywt



jacket is tcb. jeans are not (UES), tcb's are again in the washing machine after a nice little baby puke festival yesterday night!!!

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