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  1. Brownmetallic, your patchwork repairs always look amazing, you should do some tutorials.
  2. 501XX4EVER

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    Thanks for that, but in many ways, it raises more questions that it answers.
  3. 501XX4EVER

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    Just out of curiosity, what happened over on Denimbro?
  4. 501XX4EVER

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    I think maybe everybody needs to chill the fuck out a bit, nobody's died after all and I don't think anyone will be purchasing anything from a certain someone in the near future so maybe just change the title to "potential" Warehouse contest or something, the initial poll suggested that Warehouse was the most popular choice anyway?
  5. 501XX4EVER

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    Yea, but does anyone here have the skills to organize one?
  6. 501XX4EVER

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    I'm always right, it's a curse, but there you go, it's my cross to bear and as a FYI, I have never owned or even worn Scottish Levi's, the very thought of it. Early 80's 501's with the "653" Button code however, I would go to war for. I think deleting the thread might be a bit melodramatic, it might be useful if someone else with contacts starts the thing again, if the Super-future mods want to delete it fair enough, it is their forum after all, but otherwise what's to be gained by deleting it?
  7. 501XX4EVER

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    Am I the only person who thinks this contest will never, ever happen?
  8. 501XX4EVER


    That's wild if they're Selvedge, I don't think Warehouse has made any kind of raw black denim in years so whatever they are they're very old anyway. The other thing I loved about the 800's were the pocket bags, they were a lovely cream color and had a selvedge finish on the inside of the bottom seam, really nice pocket bags!!!
  9. 501XX4EVER


    Here's some crappy quality pictures from the listing used to sell them...
  10. 501XX4EVER


    Yes. I recently sold a pair of Lot 800's that look very similar to these, the denim in it's raw state looks exactly the same as the ones you posted, they have the all black thread theme as well. First things first, mine were not Selvedge, so that may take away a bit of the surprise when you get them. The denim is very light, probably not much more than 12oz, if even that. I only washed mine at 30 degrees and they still shrunk a lot, pretty much exactly to tag size which was 34x32, but because of the cut being slightly different to my other Lot 800's it felt a bit smaller. It's very, very hairy denim and fades quite quickly. I also have a pair with the same or at least very similar 1001XX / 1000 patch but they're indigo with a pink Selvedge line. I actually managed to find the original pictures from the Yahoo auctions listing, which is weird as it's from Feb 2018!!!
  11. 501XX4EVER

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    The pocket bags look like the ones on all the "Made In Turkey" ones, maybe that's why the inner tag was removed, the patch is pretty much definitely a 1966 one.
  12. 501XX4EVER

    New Contest Suggestion [Poll]

    So you're saying you want a sort of second referendum?, kind of a people's vote type thing?
  13. 501XX4EVER

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

  14. 501XX4EVER

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Do they actually say Made in Bulgaria on the inner care tag?
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