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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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interest check on my GT-J34, size small, color olive. bought it from a japanese seller earlier this year, so condition is excellent (can provide pics on request), but it doesn't rain as much here in the bay as I expected. Ideally I'd like to trade for another acronym jacket in stotz etaproof or epic cotton, something more breathable.

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P17-S  in black size large....missed the one above by a day.  Drop me a PM if you're looking to cut a pair loose.



Found !!!

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2 x Nike ACRONYM Lunar Force 1 SP

Size 11.5


1 x Black (Worn 4 Times)

1 x White (Never Worn)


Excellent conditions. Comes with full packaging and ACRONYM BOX


Please let me know if anyone is interested. Slightly to big for me. Will need to buy Size 11


Shoes are situated in Germany. Could ship via DHL around the globe - Only trackable and insured

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IC: Olive P9-S, size L. FW1213. Good condition, but slightly shrunk.
I bought these new ($800) and wore them a bit up until their first wash, where I stupidly took them to a dry cleaner. They came back shrunk by about one inch and they had ironed creases down the front. This made me sad. It was a bad day. I got them to de-iron the creases (you can still faintly see them in the lower leg close-up picture, but not in use), but shrinkage is permanent obviously.
As an unshrunk P9-S in large is already almost too short for my legs, these don't get worn at all any more. I've kept them several years since the attack of the dry cleaner, but I just wear my black ones or, better still, my P14-CH's which fit much better.
Anyway, if you are so proportioned that these would make sense, then let me know. I always estimate usage by label wear, so I've included close-ups of the labels.





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