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  1. copped in black thx
  2. WTB: Outlier Doublefine Merino Balaclava
  3. Did you seriously just say we should be thankful for war because it gave us cool clothes to wear? Please get a fucking grip.
  4. Highly doubt those pieces on End actually sold out that quickly. I think its likely we'll see them come back online at the same time as other retailers put up their stock.
  5. Really like the look of the NG3-PS but ended up going with the 9202 Reflective Shinobi Visor from Maharishi instead.
  6. Post the price you paid?
  7. I'd highly recommend getting this Bagjack GT Cobra Belt instead. Full polymer construction means no need to take your belt off at airport security when traveling. And of course, all black everything.
  8. Some items sold, some prices dropped.
  9. Someone should cop. Great price for one of the best ACR pieces ever.
  10. Please use the Acronym Community Sales Thread for this.
  11. Thanks to whoever bought the J47-GT in M from St. Alfred. Temptation removed.
  12. Robert Geller Cossack aka "Robocop" Sweater sz 48 $295 Robert Geller Pointed Cuff Sweatshirt F/W 2009 sz 48 SOLD Odyn Vovk Bat Shaket sz 3 $125 Helmut Lang Gradient Longsleeve sz L $65 Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment Double Layer Long Cardigan sz 3 $195
  13. Rick Owens Drkshdw Detroit Jeans sz 32 SOLD Rick Owens Drkshdw Waxed Black Detroit Jeans sz 30 (fit 30-32) $185 Miharayasuhiro Deconstructed Panel Jeans (detail shot of back, small hole near knee that has been repaired) sz L (32-34) $250 Julius MA Black Sweater sz 3 $300 Julius Resonance; Paneled Knit Longsleeve sz 3 $275 Julius CANON_2[protection_ism;] Black Longsleeve with Inset Tank sz 3 $175 Number (N)ine Destroyed Knit Sweater sz 4 $495
  14. Robert Geller Give Me Give Me Give Me Tshirt sz 48 $50 Stone Island Shadow Project NyCo Shortsleeve Shirt sz M $100 Filippa K Highneck Parka sz M $125 Odyn Vovk Long T sz L $65 Odyn Vovk Twisted Seam T sz M $ 65 Attachment Songs of Judgement Season 3 Face T sz 3 $75 Attachment Songs of Judgement Season 3 Trees T sz 3 $75 Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Double Layer Deconstructed T with Shoulder Pocket Detail sz L $50