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  1. Just grabbed a couple Geller L/S shirts from Japan via SutoCorp. Great service, lightning fast shipping since I'm only one hop away in Seattle. Thanks!
  2. variegate

    Ask an Apple Nerd.

    Did you turn it off? - Open “System Preferences†from the  Apple menu and click the “General†pane - Check the box next to “Ask to keep changes when closing documents†- Close out of System Preferences If not - try this: Applications> Utilities> Disk Utility Run fix permissions See if that does anything to help. if that doesn't work, reinstall Mountain Lion. ------ YES. I've been using SimpleNote + Notational Velocity and then SImpleNote + JustNotes for over a year now and it's the been the best 'system' i have for keeping track of random shit.
  3. variegate

    Ask an Apple Nerd.

    iCloud tabs should work fine across Macs - iOS devices need iOS6. I've got iOS6 Beta (I have a dev account) and it works flawlessly for me. ML is smooth for me so far, minus a little hack I had that restored the colored sidebar in the Finder - hope there's a fix for that one as the monochromatic bullshit is unusable for a color/visual person like me. I have custom icons for a reason! #nerdalert
  4. Better pics of that vest might help. Yikes.
  5. variegate

    Ask an Apple Nerd.

    Just like the difference between the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 4. Most things should be the same physical size but will have more detail. A lot of Apps will have to be updated to take advantage of it, however.
  6. variegate

    Ask an Apple Nerd.

    A year or more. They need the price to go down a bit and battery power to get better.
  7. variegate

    Thoughts On Canon 5d Mark III

    Or you could get some other stuff. Better lenses (drastically increased image quality) a steadicam stick (3k but butter smooth motion) An LED panel RODE on-cam microphone
  8. variegate

    Ask an Apple Nerd.

    Uh, define "clean". By itself, you shouldn't have to 'clean' your Mac's software to make it run properly (beyond a Permissions Fix every few months) Or are we talking about wiping down the outside of the mac?
  9. variegate


    20% off at http://blackbirdballard.com/ BBMEMOSALE2012 Saturday-Monday
  10. variegate

    What is your "Holy Grail" item of clothing?

    Coated Geller Parka sz 50/52
  11. variegate

    Ask an Apple Nerd.

    Consult eBay. (look up your specific model and filter by 'Ended Auctions' so you can see what they sold for)
  12. variegate

    Ask an Apple Nerd.

    If it's a mini-displayport, I think you actually can . . . But you could probably sell it and use the money to get a better LCD You can add more RAM, but you can't upgrade the vid card, I don't think. Better to save your money and buy a new one when the new versions are released this year.
  13. variegate

    Ask an Apple Nerd.

    Previous to my Apple 24" (and now current 27" iMac) I had a Dell 24" that latest me a good long while. Their higher end UltraSharp LCDs are solid.
  14. variegate

    Ask an Apple Nerd.

    You can't really 'store' stuff on iCloud other than music/video, etc that you buy from iTunes and a few documents, etc. If you stick to streaming stuff, then yeah, you're going to save space - but for that I'd just buy a Spotify account.
  15. variegate

    Ask an Apple Nerd.

    They're overdue for a revamp - but no idea on when that will land. Probably announced in at WWDC on June 12 or so. 128GB should be enough for everything - except maybe the Lightroom usage. You cannot use the SD card to 'expand' the memory, really - it treats it like an external drive. You can copy stuff on there, but it's not really expanding the storage. I would not necessarily recommend buying it with the intention to upgrade the flash drive yourself unless you are totally confident in gutting a brand new laptop. You're not going to save much money (256GB SSD is gonna be like $220) and taking apart an Air might be a little freaky. You'll also need a HEX set to unscrew the thing. And you'll also need a way to install the OS. Either the external DVD drive, the USB key Lion installer or a networked DVD. I'd just pay the $300 and save yourself the hassle.