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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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Edit: Jacket Traded. 



Ok, I am selling my much loved GT-J16  ( Gore-Tex Comfort Map Jacket ) Size: Medium. 


firstly I DON'T have the spec sheet, dust bag or sling.


It does have the logo tape, Force lock tape and detachable hood. 

It's in good worn condition.


I bought it from Firmament in Berlin in 2009 and have worn with care since. I class it as an 8/10 because of general wear - certain edges of the GT have worn through in VERY TINY amounts - on the cuffs / pocket corners. ( See pics )
The seams near the neck show some cosmetic wear as is totally normal, the seams generally are in very good shape.

But overall in very good condition. Zero scratches / dirt / rips.


A word on the sizing, Top half of this Jacket I would say fits like a straight M. 

The lower half goes snug. I would say almost like a Straight S.  ( It's a very 'carrot' like shape )

The sleeves are pretty Long in my personal opinion.


For reference I have a J47A-GT in Medium that fits me perfect. No issues at all lower half. The J16 I can zip up and wear fine, but the lower half is rather snug. That it's my only reason for selling it. Reluctantly ! 


Here are the measurements via the old Firmament page:


Half-chest ( pit to pit ) = 56cm

Length ( highest point at shoulder to hem / bottom of Jacket) = 67cm

Shoulder + Sleeve combined = 84cm



I'm asking for  Â£520 UK pounds /  $750 USD  + cost of Tracked Shipping ( UPS etc ) to your location.



I'm based in London.



Sidenote: I'll def consider trades ( trade+money for some of these ) for these following items only, if they are in good condition :




3A-3TS XPAC     / possibly other 3TS's - not the White version 


S-J1A  Stotz Etaproof  -Size: Medium or Large ( green body / black sleeve )  - Rare and Unlikely I know !


S-J7 Etaproof Vehicular Jacket, size: Large or XL 



I know this is a grail item for some, so hopefully someone out there will be stoked on this being available !

Sufu will only allow a certain amount of pics per post, so those of serious interest please pm for more. 

Will probably list on Grailed too. Slightly higher price on there to accommodate price drops.




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J27-E, S size in olive

P11-CH, S size in black

S6-C, M size in grey

T-Shirts in S or M size


Also, if someone could send scans of specsheets for: DS-H2, SS-J16, SS-J2, 3A-3TS (limonta), please PM me I'll be very grateful



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Would like to buy

If anyone has any of these attachments below to let go, please pm

Or any tips on where some of them might be found to buy, much appreciated.

The search is real !












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Acronym T-shirts, size L.

All in excellent condition (I would say the new state of things, including a original bag).

Seekers of cheap and low prices do not waste your and my time! Thank you for understanding!

All tee in Moscow

Any questions, pm...


Black t-shirt sold.....





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Cheers everyone!

I am new to SuFu so please bare with me if I miss any etiquette or rule :)

thought I start off by pointing at this treat: http://store.benchtyo.com/?pid=31075016

Set2 in small -50% @ tkyo though.

maybe already mentioned, maybe forgotten, hope someone picks up this ninjas.

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Looking for a trade:

SS-CP2 in Large

SS-CP1F in Small (https://www.grailed.com/listings/313753-acronym-ss-cp1f)

- LA5-MP Size M in black. Looking for L.

- PL-J1 insulator size L with detachable sleeves. If I can't find a proper replacement it's coming with me!

All in great and some in new condition.

I'm going on a another Himalayan expedition and always interested to test new gear out. I would like to trade for something for either:

- Warm weather like the SP12TS-CH or SP12TS-S (both black and blue size M)

- Something for cold conditions to use as a layer like the J25-SSC, DS-J12TS or rather one of new insulators (size L if straight fit, size M if normal fit)

- How does the DS-HD2 fit? Rather be generous with sweaters so size L but if already fits big size M. I need this the least of all stuff.

- Tighter trousers from the S series P9 (not the wider one) or or cargo from this year. The only wide one I'd like is the P23TS-S and even more the P15-S (I have the P23TS-CH). All trousers in size M and most preferably wind resistant or proof.

- Always interested in a J38-LP but not to test out ;-)

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