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  1. *
  2. Try before you die, aka speak to them directly if you want anything done seriously. The amount of retailers increased for sure...
  3. FS/WTT all with bags and tags - 3A-MSOL1 solar charger $225 - S16-WS size M $275 P10-S, SS-CP2, P24A-S, PL-J1 SOLD!!! Trade only: - 3A-MK1-BLK (2x), trade for 3A-MK1/3A-MK2 army colours
  4. Super sayan on Sufu?!
  5. This constantly happened with my P10-S, never happens with my P10-CH and occasionally with my P24A-S. With others never been an issue...
  6. I have a M and I'm 1.82m. Width not important nice they're waist trousers (huge). Length true to size. I saw people downsizing but I have big calves and when I take extreme steps (mountains steps or 180 flips) they keep hanging on my calves. They are perfectly true to size but just for that respect I could have sized up. But also no biggy.
  7. Shopping with the ms. Without trying to say that Errolson is the master mind of every function out there; funny to see that even Zara is incorporating a Jacketslingæ.
  8. No I had a pair or faded P10-S on grailed which were sold. Those pics were mine.
  9. Replica acr presto's on Ebay:
  10. Not directly suited for your everyday needs but if you like to push it forward the 3day bagpack from Highgroundgear is wicked. I have one in black.
  11. Happy holidays everyone!!! --- P23TS-CH M S15-DS L LA5-MP L 3A-2 Kyanjing Ri 4779m/15679ft, Langtang valley, Himalayas Nepal, looking towards Tibet
  12. Patience (and timing) helps. They were up for grabs long enough but do you have your stack ready? I guess some people don't need patience.
  13. Not sure, could be. I'm expecting a P24A-CH but could be mistaken.
  14. This amount was not exactly right for the SS-CP2, but: Subtotal : €655.46 EUR VAT : €128.15 EUR Shipping : €19.00 EUR Total : €802.61 EUR
  15. Speedlockæ could have done that job as well.