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  1. That's unfortunate on so many levels. Great video btw!
  2. Thanks for the info Dolphinski
  3. That's sounding about right...
  4. LTB/WTB: Acronym MK1 & MK2 in xpac. I posted in the acronym thread but thought I'd try here as well. If you know of a similar product with molle system in xpac let me know as well. Thanks!
  5. Still WTB/LTB: 2 MK1 and 1 MK2 in Xpac. Let me know if you're selling. Thanks!
  6. LTB: 2 MK1 and 1 MK2 in Xpac. Let me know if you're selling. Thanks!
  7. Still WTB: 2 3A-MK1 and 3A-MK2 in xpac. Let me know if you have them for sale or know anyone selling them.
  8. Interesting... He deleted the post.
  9. Looking to buy: 1 3A-MK1 2 3A-MK2 both in xpac J44L in XL Let me know if you have any of the above for sale.
  10. Thanks for the negative rep for posting in wrong thread.
  11. Agee with this.
  12. I stand corrected. Thanks.
  13. Is it safe to assume that none of the online ACR retailers sold the Prestos and the only chance to secure them at retail was only via Acronym and Nikelab?
  14. I'd also like to know on the sizing. Please let us know!
  15. Still looking to buy 1 3A-MK1 and 2 3A-MK2 in xpac. If you have either for sale or know anyone's that's selling lett me know!