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  1. zeusneckone


    Was at the Darkside Initiative warehouse sale yesterday. While waiting in line I was talking to a guy wearing an ACR jacket. Great to hear another person’s perspective on how the brand, availability, hype and prices have changed. I was joking how our Goretex was doing in the rain. If you’re on this board, great talking to you. @thatslapz he said he knows you! Later on a couple got into line both wearing ACR jackets. When I left the sale I spotted another guy wearing a J1TS-S. (It didn’t look like it was holding up well in the rain.) Great to see people supporting the brand and our local brick and mortar. Anyways, didn’t think I’d see so many pieces in one spot.
  2. zeusneckone


    @Dakota I own a J-11. Confirming with others The J-11 has: - 7 pockets (2 chest, 2 lower, 2 gravity, 1 upper left arm) - The label is black - The left sleeve tab has the old ACR logo Hope this helps.
  3. zeusneckone


    Max Holloway (@blessedmma on IG) just posted a video of the Air Vapor Max friends and family he got and his ACR fit...
  4. zeusneckone

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Just wanted to say thanks to @thatslapz for another great transaction. Second time buying from him (three items total) and just an awesome boardie! Highly recommended!