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  1. Ultra dark navy (looks identical to AW16 black) and cropped for me, especially when hiked up.
  2. re: SS17 stuff. Cargos are great, they definitely fit big in the thigh and pretty long unless you hike them up. I've been rolling the leg openings up a few times and wearing them lower on my waist so there's more of a drop crotch/crop going on. I'm a true 32-33, 190cm and got size M and I think it's a good fit. Ordered both the black and beige, but returned the beige. The black details really pop against the beige, though, so I still think it's a pretty cool piece. The cap is definitely a weird piece, since the neck cover doesn't actually detach, but it's not that hard to flip it up and under the crown. I also ordered the shirt jacket but ended up returning it because the button-up is a little wonky-feeling to me.
  3. WTT my J1TS-S in black in size L (full set, never worn aside from trying on) for one in size XL if anyone has one. Shoulders are just a little too tight for me when I'm layering. PM me for pictures/if you're interested.
  4. kinda looks like the drawstrings on the pockets are just pulled super super tight right? I'm thinking the pockets maybe weren't even moved, but rather this is some strange decision-making for the shoot. edit: nevermind... looks like they moved em out front to make room for vent zips on the sides. still a pretty weird picture
  5. thanks for the heads up @chaosen, i picked up one of em.
  6. WTB P10-S, P10A-S, P17-S, any color, in M. PM me if you've got a pair you're trying to sell. Thanks!