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  1. bluecrush

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Sustainability-- my man!
  2. bluecrush


    I believe it is the thickness of the fabrics. The H variants are Schoeller Dryskin and the non-H are "High Density Jersey"
  3. bluecrush

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    btw, there's gonna be a restock. E said that delivery was late on them on Instagram!
  4. bluecrush

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: P30-DS/CH in size S J68-WS in Size S
  5. bluecrush


    Dryskin does seem to stretch over time. I've noticed this with pairs of P10-DS's that I've owned that are notably looser from when I bought them brand new.
  6. bluecrush


    Yeah, last time I copped from mothersite and called UPS (SS18), Tina forwarded me to someone who was on vacation who never returned my call even after I left a voicemail. Ended up just shelling out. I have a feeling every time there is a drop they are just bombarded with calls. Maybe some day there will be a more efficient way to do this.
  7. bluecrush


    tbh just get a hiking backpack. I would not want to carry any sort of asymmetrical load for an extended period of time. It's not good for your posture. Even if you can wear the 5ts like a backpack, a real hiking backpack would do the same job... except better.