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  1. nope
  2. I've owned both the 47 and 47A. The 47 came with vertical logo tape and the 47A with horizontal logo tape. Another difference was that there was stitching at base of the laminated zip that separated the bottom zip from the chest pocket zips.
  3. Could possibly be people in Japan paying these prices. Japanese retail is more or less what these resellers are asking for.
  4. I feel you on this. Though up until recently I much preferred to lurk, I feel like the whole subculture around Acronym and Techwear in general has went to the dogs. Especially with this last drop, I felt like I had no time to actually consider what I wanted to purchase. Gone are the days where I could open the website and atleast have some time to browse the collection, and choose the pieces that I wanted. Now it's like a mad scramble to purchase one or two items. Hype comes before the fall.
  5. If you hate yourself, you can try for Japanese retailers. Don't think a lot of them dropped yet.
  6. I saw that too! Most definitely a typo, as Yoshiii said.
  7. Anyone else impressed by the J47R-GT? From the leaks I thought it'd be a J47-GT with a Raccagni zip, but it's much more than that. Changing the logo tape from vertical to horizontal and reinforcing the seams along the hood, sleeve cuffs and hem give the jacket a totally different vibe from its predecessor. The new paneling along the shoulders make it look more aggressively Acronym than the old J47 as well. The only thing that's turning me off is the lack of an escape zip.
  8. If anything, hiking prices hopefully takes a cut out of the resellers' pockets. I'd rather more of the money go towards the brand to fund their creativity than go to some kid on grailed trying to turn a profit.
  9. If i'm not mistaken, Raccagani zips would not be escape-able, correct? Atleast from my experience, all jackets I've handled with Raccagani zips did not have escape zip funcionality.
  10. SOLD
  11. Peggs and Sons has it up to size large.
  12. I want to say that they will access different compartments. The J28 has a similar function with its chest pockets. Plus, the pocket count is 6 (6 External, 0 Internal), and I don't see anywhere else they'd be able to put them if the cargo pockets were split.
  13. ^ import duties are no joke
  14. Well, I never thought that this day would come, but here we are. They look horrible, too.
  15. Anyone reckon they'll bring back their women's line? I've got friends that are definitely interested.