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  1. Peggs and Sons has it up to size large.
  2. I want to say that they will access different compartments. The J28 has a similar function with its chest pockets. Plus, the pocket count is 6 (6 External, 0 Internal), and I don't see anywhere else they'd be able to put them if the cargo pockets were split.
  3. ^ import duties are no joke
  4. Well, I never thought that this day would come, but here we are. They look horrible, too.
  5. Anyone reckon they'll bring back their women's line? I've got friends that are definitely interested.
  6. Acronym just keeps getting more hyped every year.
  7. The fact that it's a button-up really doesn't do it for me either. The zippers on the shells just seem way more practical.
  8. Can they release J43A in orange so I can cosplay Kenny from South Park
  9. Man, that jacket was beautiful. I too am left-handed, but I still regret selling mine every day. Maybe we'll see some left-handed interops jackets eventually? Then the 3A-1 LEFT can get some interops love.
  10. .
  11. bump
  12. Selling J47A-GT in size small. Worn a few times, basically still new. Asking $1400. (pls dont hate just trying to make up for customs and stuff). shipped from US. sold
  13. SOLD
  14. still looking
  15. WTB: J47A GT in size S