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  1. missed the drop. looking for p25-ds size small. dm for for leads. tia! edit: darkside online now live https://darksidesf.com/collections/acronym
  2. my sarcasm didn't translate through ;D
  3. @airkenny @carlooa for what it's worth, i've ridden through storms with a fully loaded 6ts foil and have had no issues with goods getting wet. like danii said, they aren't designed to be 100% waterproof (as there is no reason for a bag like this to be fully submerged - if you're looking for that check out arcteryx LEAF), but a combination of the materials/liner/closure make it damn near full proof. @azhe straps that dangle = +5 ninja hp
  4. DISCLAIMER: SARCASM so maybe we should all really be thankful for the conflict humans have with each other, which drives us to the point of destruction and ending lives, bc w/o that, would any of this even exist? ~ apologies if i've offended anyone
  5. while on the subject of tech boots, these are an amazing alternative to sfb (and now the most comfortable shoe i own): http://www.hokaoneone.com/best-sellers/tor-ultra-hi-wp/1008334.html?dwvar_1008334_color=BFLM#start=1&cgid=men-hiking i had a pair of sfb's while i was in the military (still love them tho), and these put them to shame (although price point is unfortunately higher, but worth it imo).
  6. _
  7. redacted
  8. Run very narrow, I fit 8/8.5 in the LF1's, and am a 9 in the downtowns.
  9. S/O @bigyen for 100% swift comms/shipping ;D
  10. In search of a 3A-2 for the lady, if anyone just happens to have an extra laying around ;D I have been unlucky thus far. PM me for any leads, thnx !!
  11. @flipflop214 lolzzzz wtf is that @danii - imo acr's goal wasn't to reference that they are 'neotokyo', but more so an homage, paying respect to katsuhiro and the influence akira has had on culture
  12. S/O @devilsdancer for the absolutely amazing communication/shipping/product ;D Pleasure to do business with you again sir.
  13. being american (born of asian descent) i have a lot of things to say about danii's remarks, but i'm not here for that. we are all here because in some shape or form, we are aesthetically (+emotionally), intellectually, and physically drawn to the same thing. we all have differences in opinions, and at the end of the day it is subjective. there is a common bond between us despite the color of our skin, or the languages we speak. what original program has done is quite amazing if you think about it. i agree, i don't like every photo, and at the end of the day, it is a man curating a feed of images, and we have the privilege of being able to double tap and afford these artifacts. we are a creative and intelligent community, why can't we come together and generate something positive (create your own submissions and/or posts), as opposed to sitting back and flicking your thumb all day on a digital interface? ;D
  14. I own last seasons vest and have zero complaints, love using it when commuting light (also have 15F-ES-JH01 and 15S-ES-JJ02). One can only assume that since the majority of 'techwear' brands reference military/tactical gear, it was modeled off a single shoulder holster/rig (or something similar). Even if it wasn't, I fancy the asymmetry and their decisions to stray away from the norm.
  15. ACR SSV4C sz M (not affiliated with link)