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  1. please be on the lookout for a 3a-6ts black foil and 2013 macbook pro on the market. my life's work was stolen from my car. it was taken from columbus, ohio while on tour. thank you in advance. chris
  2. https://www.grailed.com/listings/2631521-Acronym-J41-GT (SZ L 750 PP GIFT INCL. CONUS SHIPPING) https://www.grailed.com/listings/2538735-Acronym-KR-NG2 (175 PP GIFT INCL. CONUS SHIPPING)
  3. WTS Thanks for your time. I also have a J46-S in XL (believe NIGHT variant) for sale and will be posting later this week. (SZ XL 800USD OBO CONUS) https://www.grailed.com/listings/2631521-Acronym-J41-GT (SZ L 900USD SHIPPED CONUS) https://www.grailed.com/listings/2617324-Acronym---Nike-Nikelab-Lunar-Force-1-SP (SOLD) https://www.grailed.com/listings/2538735-Acronym-KR-NG2 (275 SHIPPED CONUS OBO) Edit: Updated with sizes
  4. missed the drop. looking for p25-ds size small. dm for for leads. tia! edit: darkside online now live https://darksidesf.com/collections/acronym
  5. my sarcasm didn't translate through ;D
  6. @airkenny @carlooa for what it's worth, i've ridden through storms with a fully loaded 6ts foil and have had no issues with goods getting wet. like danii said, they aren't designed to be 100% waterproof (as there is no reason for a bag like this to be fully submerged - if you're looking for that check out arcteryx LEAF), but a combination of the materials/liner/closure make it damn near full proof. @azhe straps that dangle = +5 ninja hp
  7. DISCLAIMER: SARCASM so maybe we should all really be thankful for the conflict humans have with each other, which drives us to the point of destruction and ending lives, bc w/o that, would any of this even exist? ~ apologies if i've offended anyone
  8. while on the subject of tech boots, these are an amazing alternative to sfb (and now the most comfortable shoe i own): http://www.hokaoneone.com/best-sellers/tor-ultra-hi-wp/1008334.html?dwvar_1008334_color=BFLM#start=1&cgid=men-hiking i had a pair of sfb's while i was in the military (still love them tho), and these put them to shame (although price point is unfortunately higher, but worth it imo).
  9. _
  10. redacted
  11. Run very narrow, I fit 8/8.5 in the LF1's, and am a 9 in the downtowns.
  12. S/O @bigyen for 100% swift comms/shipping ;D
  13. In search of a 3A-2 for the lady, if anyone just happens to have an extra laying around ;D I have been unlucky thus far. PM me for any leads, thnx !!
  14. @flipflop214 lolzzzz wtf is that @danii - imo acr's goal wasn't to reference that they are 'neotokyo', but more so an homage, paying respect to katsuhiro and the influence akira has had on culture
  15. S/O @devilsdancer for the absolutely amazing communication/shipping/product ;D Pleasure to do business with you again sir.