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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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On 6/3/2022 at 11:52 AM, denimjeans said:

price drop on p39-M sz XS to $350 shipped conus 

also adding

p32-ds sz S $old

p34-ds sz S alpha green $old

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WTS summer gear

SP28 alpha M 8/10 550$

SP28 black M 9.5/10 700$

S24 DS alpha 8/10 250$ 

S24 DS black 9/10 300$ ?

S24 DS alpha M new 300$ think its A and C

S24 DS black M new 300$ its either B or C

buy shorts and T and get $100 off

conus or in person in Jersey City

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On 5/21/2022 at 7:28 AM, cgcd said:

wtb p27-ds, p27h-ds in medium or large 

we can meet with cash if you’re in nyc. 

bump lol. already cold called some ppl and they're not willing to sell :(

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On 5/26/2022 at 3:34 PM, marube said:


P23A-DS Size Small SOLD

P10-S Black Size Small. 8.5/10. Full pack. $500.

P10-DS Size Small. 10/10 Worn once, full pack. $700.

Prices updated, P10-DS added. 


We can talk about prices if you DM.


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WTS (for friends, all just tried on indoors, never worn outside):
NG4-PS Black/Silver (FW2122) $300 shipped. 
XS SP29-M (Grey) $600 shipped; mainly an interest check, more than willing to keep. 
Small J65-KM (jacket sling/spec sheet, never came w/ a bag but one will be provided) $800 shipped.
XS GGG-J2-011 $350 shipped. (F&F colorway Nike x ACR woven jacket, no terry cloth cuff on left sleeve). 

WTB (full packs preferred):
Small J65-AK (or trade for J65-KM above and I'll add cash on top). 
Black 3A-MK3 (preferably with Olive trim, still willing to purchase without Olive trim). 

All within CONUS preferably please, DM regardless, thank you. 

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WTS  SP29-M grey L brand new  $550 shipped

or  WTT for SP29-M XL


WTB  J77-AM, J87-WS, J29-PX XL


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P10-S S BLACK for 


WTB/wtt from above

P34-S M-L Black

S-J14 (w/ 3A-SR1) M BLACK


3A-MP3TS BLACK w/ black wr zip

3A-MP2TS steals (any cw)

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