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  1. 1 of each size for Raf/Black, plus they updated at like 11:13. I used the Restocks app and filtered by Acronym, which made keeping track of who had what stock easier.
  2. Finally copped a pair of P-23's after fumbling around trying to remember my password for the main site. Remember guys, turn on autofill next time haha. Edit Bodega is in stock as i type this for P23-S' one of each size inn black
  3. Yucca Moc folk in brown size 9 for sale. Retailed for ~549 iirc, so shoot me a message and I'll cut you a deal if you tell me you're from Sufu.
  4. WTS: Black/white LF1's size 8.5. I have the box and laces.
  5. WTS: 2014 yucca Moc Folk size 8.5 $250 + shipping CONUS. International contact me.
  6. I'm 5 foot 6 inches and went with a small. I have a ton of space left in my jacket when I wear it, also. As long as the cuffs aren't riding up too far or the jacket bottom when you raise your arms up it looks like it fits fine. From the looks of it the I think the jacket fits on you.
  7. Anyone have a pair of Lunar Force 1's in black or white/orange 8.5 they want to part ways with?
  8. I bought my J32 originally as my first acronym jacket, really enjoyed it, but sold it when I found out the J1A-GT was still in small sizes on The fit was great and It wasn't too "plain" from my perspective since it was my first acronym jacket, so everything about it was cool as fuck. I just wanted to be even cooler with the J1A.
  9. Is it normal for the J1A-GT to still be in stock in size small on acrnm? I just ordered one and was wondering what the general consensus on these was, what with everything else being out of stock on smalls.
  10. WTB: size 8 Lunar Force 1's in white/Crimson
  11. WTS: 101 damaged size 2 $500 + shipping
  12. WTB: sanjuro kimono size 1. Any other version but the 'one-wash' would be cool. Any color too
  13. This popped up on grailed. Kerchief down jkt in sz.1. Could this be a fake?
  14. Price Drop 405 Shipped CONUS