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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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- J1A-S, black, XL

- LA11-DS, black, XL

- CH-J31, black, XL (fits more like L)
$650 + ship/fees
Includes logo tape/forcelock, zipper pull, and sling but no bag/sheet or blank tape.
8/10 cond: Typical CH material delamination present on back and at arms.

- P23TS-S, black, XL
$900 + ship/fees
No bag/sheet.
8/10 cond: fading/patina due to age, cuff hem requires a couple stitches as usual. I would have mended the cuff but it requires a stretch stitch my machine can't neatly do.


WTB/WTT (all XL):

- J72-DS, black
- J68-S, white or raf
- J63-PB or J63A-FO
- J56-S, raf
- P36-E
- SP28TS-DS (L works too)

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- J28-K, Red and Brazil colorways in size M. Prefer no major flaws/delamination.



-  J28-K in Blue and Purple colorways in size L for same colors but in size M. Can add cash if needed.

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On 5/11/2022 at 4:22 PM, dreamboatjustsoul said:


P10TS-DS size M 9/10 full pack - 1000usd +shipping and fee 

S8-DS size L like new full pack - 450usd, both items based in the uk

B WTS for a friend 

J47TS-GT size L 8/10 full pack -1250£, the spec sheet is framed, could ship together. 

J28-GT size L 8/10 full pack - 1550£

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On 5/15/2022 at 8:21 PM, thatslapz said:


SP28-DS Alpha Green Medium.  Full pack, worn a handful of times.  Washed for sale. Excellent condition, no stains/flaws.  $625 net, PP f&f preferred.  

Drop to $550 net. Sold

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On 5/17/2022 at 5:32 AM, keynezk said:


J1A-GTPL Navy Sz M 9/10. Full pack. Worn 5 times. Washed and stored. $1050 $975
J1A-GTKP Sz S 9/10. Full pack. Worn 5 times. Washed and stored. $1350 $1275
J68-WS (SS22) Sz M. Full pack. Worn twice. Still love the PES version more. $1000 $950 (Sorry for the price, paid duties for it)
Currently CONUS only(I will handle the shipping)  WW shipping (can discuss the carrier&fee)
Help me out so I can get the last LA10.

B & price drop

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S8-DS / size medium / full pack / 8/10 / $400 shipped. Forgot I had this thing.

J69-GT / size small / no bag/spec, but sling & badges included / 6.5-7/10 / generally clean all over, just slight delam on elbow area & neck (I received it as such) / $400 shipped.

S24-DS-C / size small / full pack / 8/10 no signs of wear, size tag removed & very slight peeling of graphics (~0.5mm) / $330 shipped

All sold

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P15-S Raf sz M. 7+/10. I had a rotation going so they were worn but not heavily. Basically just patina inside the waist band and at the phone pocket. $650
DS-J12TS sz M 7+/10. Some pilling from the techsys rubbing on the fabric, and the little plastic crap on the male side of the zipper is a bit worn. $650

And maybe 
P22-S Raf M 9/10. No flaws that I can see and I've only tried them on. I'm fine keeping them but throwing out there in case someone wants them. $700
SS-J1W grey/black sz L (slim) 10/10. Deadstock with tags. It's great but something lighter would get more use where I live now. $800

(all no pack)

Looking for:
Black outerwear size L/XL
Black DS bottoms sz L/XL (other than p31)


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3A-3TS - laminate fabric, comes with 2x MZ5, water bottle pocket, bagjack huntr pocket. Some delamination typical of this fabric. No structural issues, interior lining and all stitching is in great condition. $1000USD $900USD $800USD $700USD + shipping and PP fees. Photos here.

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On 5/21/2022 at 8:26 PM, ibringdoom98 said:


1. J1B-GT, XL, RAF, FW21 - $1250 USD 

Full pack, worn several times but too large for my liking. Price all inclusive within USA.

2. P10-E, L, BLACK, FW22 - $700

Full pack, worn several times but too slim for me. Price all inclusive within USA.

Pm with any questions. Thanks.


Bump and price drops


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On 5/2/2022 at 10:30 PM, rz.fresco said:


P23A-DS BLACK - Small - Full Pack / £1000 (F&F payment) + Shipping (Free shipping in UK)

J1A-GT (2.2 2019 version) BLACK - Small - Full Pack / £1000 (F&F payment) + Shipping (Free shipping in UK)

NG3-PS - Original version, full pack, tag has been cut / £200 (F&F payment) + Shipping (Free shipping in UK)

3A-3TS BLK Foil - Full pack, used but good condition, slight fraying to some corners / £400 (F&F payment) + Shipping (Free shipping in UK)

Bumping w. price drops

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