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  1. WTB p38-e black or black/olive xs
  2. Does anyone have or used to have both a 3A-5 and a Bagjack NXL MESSENGER M TECH LINE? I have the latter and am looking for a new messenger bag because bagjack is too heavy for me. Would 3A-5 be better, or 3a-13ts? I know they weigh the same according to the datas from acronym and bagjack website, but 3a-5 looks much lighter, so I’d like to hear from anyone who has both bags. Thank you!
  3. I purchased a jacket from Yahoo auction using Buyee, and today I received a notice from FedEx regarding an international clearance delay. I reached out to Buyee for assistance. They informed me that they cannot guarantee to provide all necessary information. I'm curious if anyone has experienced a similar issue and how you resolved it?
  4. What happened to acrdb.com
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