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Here's a different patch design I've never seen from Warehouse. On their new 1946 25th anniversary jeans in collaboration with Junky Style.
I'd prefer it without the stamp personally. That green lettering is great.

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54 minutes ago, Graytrain said:

Crazy amount of wear @fix_me. Looks like you found them in a mine somewhere. 

These quickly became my “work pants”. I have worn these for all labour around the house (a full gutting/rebuild of a 1913 home), plus they withstood a half-year stint as a residential flooring installer. They’ve received a lot of abuse.

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6 minutes ago, Broark said:

Damn, still waiting on my pair. Proxy seems to be having some issues.
Did you unpick the stitching on the tab? How easy/difficult was it?

Yes i removed the stitching on tab,easy with this little tool.


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My 25th anniversary arrived today and my first pair of Warehouse denim. I usually wear Sugar Cane '47's and Lee Archives '48's and '54's. I have previously worn and largely given up on LVC due to consistent blown crotches on anything other than LVC Japan and other issues such as ripped pocket bags before first wash. Issues which haven't occurred with SC or Lee

Anyway on the Warehouse 25th Anniversary (I went for the 1950) I love the denim and the cut, but the leather label feels a bit spongy and the pocket bags a bit thin. Are these problems areas on WH or am I worrying needlessly?

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@stanier never had any issues with the pocket bags or leather patch on my three pairs of Warehouse jeans.
Usually the first thing to go is the cotton stitching around the front pocket openings.
Overall they hold up very well in my experience.

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Thanks for the reply Broark. I sure hope they hold up. I find holed and shot pocket bags really annoying and, in my experience, not easy to get a good repair.

Anyway, I've sorted the red tab and arcs on mine too, relatively straightforward job. I did however nearly have kittens on each of the arcs that I was taking the wrong one off! But all worked out happily in the end though.

Just figuring out what to do about the 25 tag. I'm more interested in an authentic 50's look for my rockabilly life, but seems a shame to cut the tag off. Also debating whether to soak or wear raw for a bit. I normally wear raw, but I think a soak on these might help get rid of the ghosting of the removed arc's and also help close up the holes on the red tab.

Somehow I got it in my head the selvedge is red or at least pink line on these, but looks mustard to my eye.



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Definitely would recommend washing/soaking, WH banner denim does well with regular washing. And I’m not sure what I’ll do with the 25th anniversary tag either. I’ve seen some guys wear older anniversary pairs keep them on, but I think most people rip them off.

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On 3/2/2020 at 6:44 PM, deadcrow said:

Cleaning out my closet and came across this pair. Can't remember wearing it so can't be a lot, looks like i took it on a couple of bike rides to break it in though. I don't wear denim anymore ever so i really have no use for this. Gave it a wash before taking these. If anyone's interested for something like 100$ excluding shipping shoot me a message.






Another try!

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