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  1. fix_me


    1003s after 2 years or so
  2. fix_me

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Yeah, these came in what looked to be almost unworn condition. Definitely washed at a point. I'm kinda scared what will happen when it comes time for me to wash them though. They're tagged 34x36.. They fit closer 32x30. They're definitely shorter than the auction stated (77cm VS 79.5cm). The hem looks original- or it was at least matched very well if they were shortened. I definitely would have preferred the extra 2.5cm of length. I don't mind my jeans fitting a bit short, but I normally throw my jeans in the dryer, and I don't wanna end up with a 28" inseam afterwards. Ah well, overall I'm pretty happy with them. A good pair of US made 47's is becoming harder to track down at a reasonable price- especially since Cone announced the shut down.
  3. fix_me

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Whoa these photos look way worse than they looked on my phone. BMP.
  4. fix_me

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Who knows more about the early LVC issues from Japan? Picked up a pair for a good price off Buyee. The denim looks and feels like Cone, and the tag does say Made in USA.. but the details on the jeans seem more "accurate" than what LVC has been producing through the 00's. Notably the patch. This leather is gonna get all brown and cool looking. Are they cone? If not, where was this denim sourced from?