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  1. fix_me

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Not that it’s even surprising anymore..
  2. fix_me

    Conners Sewing Factory

    I wish I had checked this thread earlier. I’d be interested in a pair of M47, size 35 or 36. anyone got a pair?
  3. fix_me


    Picked up the 1949HXX from user @radfad2000 last week. He was kind enough to come meet me in Cambridge, MA as I was visiting the Boston area. A true king. Got them home, stitch ripped the arcs down to Levi spec, and gave ‘em one more wash and dry to get rid of any remaining shrink. The fit is perfect. These are now my favorite jeans. Felt kinda silly picking up another pair of banner denim like 2 weeks after getting my last pair, but I’m glad I did. I think I’m just a sucker for the arcs. I think I’m gonna “experiment” a bit with the other pair and start wearing ‘em to work. I’m a cable installer and I’ve only ever worn dickies type pants. I think the 1001’s could end up looking pretty crazy after a year of wearing em on the job. Anyways- here’s the 1949HXX, 33x32 after two wash and dry cycles.
  4. fix_me


    Messaged you
  5. fix_me


    Anyways, here they are pre and post soak. Pretty happy with the fit. Lost about an inch in the waist and 3 in the inseam.
  6. fix_me


    Just did the initial soak and dry of a pair of 1001. Ended up with a terrible fold crease up the leg. Anyone else ever run into this issue?
  7. fix_me


    1003s after 2 years or so
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