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The texture on this banner denim is out of this world, washing these 1001's on the reg. thanks to Aho and his success, this is wash and dry number two, inseam climbed up a bit which is never a bad thing for me (5'8) Probably the most comfortable jeans I own

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From Gordon at BiG


"According to Warehouse the sizing is similar to the PF Flyers. The price will be $115 and they have a limited supply left in each color. Please let me know if you would like to place an order and I’ll confirm the available size. These are only produced in full sizes, not available in half sizes."

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Dumb question..what exactly is banner denim?


Thanks! The so called "Banner Denim" is a new fabric (now standard on the 1001, etc.) released around 2012 (first on the 1001XX before they dropped the "XX") and is based on an old 1930's Levis denim banner in WH's collection. It's a 13.5oz, 3 cotton blend, 7x7 fabric!

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While I was in Stockholm over the weekend I took the chance to visit Caliroots and try on the 900's. The denim sure is nice in its raw state. I tried them on in 32 which is what I wear in most brands and had quite a lot of room in the waist. Downsizing seems possible but I think I would go with TTS for a more comfortable fit if I ever bought a pair.

Here's a few dirty fit pics for you lot:







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I tried to capture the still very hairy goodness of my Duckdigger DD10 Northern Cal in the full spring sunlight:




These now have one month of effective wear, I'm thinking about starting to wash them every 30 wears or so to get an even more vintage appearance :)

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