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I want a few shirts from the new RJB SS Collection. Would there be any way for me to get them as somebody who lives in the States? Self Edge and Rivet & Hide usually only get one or two if that. Like is there a proxy service I could use to place a phone order from a store that stocks RJB? If not then if there are any reputable members here who would be able to get ahold of them I'd give cash up front with a proxy fee if you want.

Here are a couple of recent pickups from auctions, and a TFH shirt from 2nd. Size 38. Acid fabric is new and oxford was advertised as worn a few times.




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Ordering RJB online has been difficult in the past.

I have contacted a few stores in Japan in the past and they refused to ship - maybe by now things have changed a bit.

For the sake of convenience I would suggest to talk to Selfedge and see if they are willing to order them for you. That is if they are not sold out already - RJB's shirts are often limited in numbers and sometimes sold out after the initial, pre-season order rounds for the shops/retailers.

What I have done in the past is have Take5 HK order them for me - this could also work for you (if you get them to respond fast enough).

Occasionally, you'll find more recent models on Yahoo.JP auctions...

Using a proxy would certainly work once you know that a certain item is in stock in your size. Most shops don't put their stock online, but show new stock arrivals in their blogs.

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If you have ever coveted Real Japan Blues incredible mid-weight 14 oz left hand twill denim made with Zimbabwe cotton that fades like nothing else, and like a slim tapered mid-rise fit with subtle details such as indigo arcuates on the back pockets, then look out for our collaboration jean which we launch next week.


Real Japan Blues is the sister company of The Flat Head. It is a brand that obsesses over every detail of style and quality in equal measure.



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DHL Express probably should reconsider their delivery method...





And inside the bag, luckily undamaged and more luckily not stolen from my postbox:





The texture of the denim is very impressive





Thank you very much Danny and Junior! 

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Do RJBs have the same tiny pocket openings as flat heads?

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I have the 105BSP, from SELA circa 04/2014, and the front pockets are nearly useless. Even after a lot wear, the denim shrunk a lot and then stretched a lot in the top block and waist, but the pocket opens are still too high and tight. 


This is the main reason I haven't purchased a pair of TFH jeans... 

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Unfortunately it seems like that for many raw denim brands you shouldn't go into it expecting to have actually usable front pockets.


Fortunately, flat head and RJB absolutely still make the sickest stuff... i mean come on. RJB shirt + flat head type II



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Well, if I buy a pair of jeans I do expect usable front pockets! :P

So far only TFH has let me down on this, on all my other jeans I own the front pockets are at least better accessible. Only the WW2 repro jeans have tiny pocket bags, you can’t put anything into.


But like I wrote, the RJBxTFHxR&H has bigger pocket openings and are usable. They are drying right now and I hope I can wear them tomorrow to proof the pockets work ;)

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That's interesting, I haven't had that many jeans but from what I can remember (roy, iron heart) those pockets weren't that usable either.


Also, you guys aren't concerned that you'll have some front pocket fades that won't look too good? I would prefer to be able to put my hands in them easily just for the principle of it, but i wouldn't ever actually put anything in them because of the fades.

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