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I might end up going that route b-sandy. I'm gonna see if I can find someone who wants to sell a 42 they sized wrong on before I commit to selling this one, I will keep you in mind for sure. So if anyone has a 42 black diamond flannel that doesn't fit, give me a shout!

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Picked up the gun club shirt in the SE warehouse sale size 42, which fits perfectly. Will this shrink with washing? If so, may need to go the dry clean route.


If cold washed and line dried those shirts don't shrink much, also the shirt was rinsed when new.

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Ok guys, I need your help.  Are these two shirts too big for me?  They're my normal size (40) but honestly they feel significantly bigger than my other flat head shirts.  I'm wondering if I should just sell these and try and more on a size..the fabrics are amazing!











For reference, heres another shirt that i love the fit of.







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Thank you guys.  Honestly, i feel like those pictures aren't indicative of how large they are... I think I know they're too big for my style.  Especially under my outerwear... just such a shame because ive never seen better fabrics for shirts.






And this...




as opposed to  





But honestly we all just need to appreciate this fabric.  Blows my mind that people aren't as obsessed with this brand as I am.  This is batshit crazy!



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Wishing that I had this in a 38. My GF got it for me, we broke up and got back together, but after the holidays, so I wound up buying it off of her lol. I just wish it was a little shorter..

The texture and pattern of this shirt is really out of this world.







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i don't remember who i first heard the analogy from (someone at SE or on here or both) but you can treat it like you would jeans: cold gentle wash with detergent when needed, line dry, will be snugger afterwards but will relax with a few wears, even though it's one wash it could shrink 1/4" in length even with a cold wash/line dry; you can probably get more shrinkage (at your own risk) with a hot wash/hot dry

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So I was bored yesterday and decided to give the 105BSP's I picked up on eBay awhile ago a hot wash.

The leg opening was a bit big originally but after the wash they shrunk up a good bit.

I'm more happy with the fit now, although the rise is a little low for my liking.

Could see these being a good summer jean for sure.

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I've tried and tried to wear my 105s, but the rise gets me every time.  Everything else about them is so fucking great though.....

Got a D001 recently and have the feeling that the rise is bit more forgiving on those...

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