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Real Japan Blues - Jeans & Shirts...


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Real Japan Blues Jeans - The 106BSP & 105BSP

Hailing from Nagano, Japan.. Real Japan Blues is known for their psychotic ways of producing even the simplest of garments. They take everything from western shirts to five pocket jeans and create them in an entirely new way using fabrics that impress even the most seasoned garment junkie.

Two new models from RJB are being released this weekend in limited numbers, at this point RJB is not sure as to whether or not these will be reproduced once this run is gone.

The 106BSP is a slim fit jean with a straight leg and the 105BSP has a mid-rise and a straight leg. We're quite into the cuts because we feel there is a gap in the Japanese denim market for jeans that aren't exactly reproductions but have a heavy nod to the Rockabilly days of the late 1950's, jeans that make you look like you're Marlon Brando or James Dean but aren't really the cuts they were wearing fifty years ago. A combination of the denim, leg silhouettes, tags, and knife pocket.. We see a badass from the 50's that wreaks havoc on civilians with his motorcycle gang, and we love it.

The denim on these is a new denim which has impressed us here to say the least. It's similar to Flat Head's 3XXX denim in terms of how hairy it becomes after the first soak but has a deeper indigo color straight off. The dye method yields an extremely high contrast fade which we'd only seen this intense before on Flat Head's denim, yet it's quite different considering it's pure indigo and the cotton is from Zimbabwe.

Spec list for both the 106BSP and 105BSP:

13.75oz Rope Dyed Japanese Selvedge Unsanforized Denim

Zimbabwe Cotton Fiber Denim

Double Length Knife Pocket (Coin Pocket)

Hidden Rivets

Black Dyed Cowhide Leather Tag

Red RJB Embroidered Logo

Copper RJB Rivets

Modeled by Cesar Ramos of Mission Hill Saloon and shot by Sidney Lo.

Both the 105BSP & the 106BSP will be released at Self Edge on December 20th at Noon and at the same time via our online store. 100 pairs of each model were produced by RJB. Check the online store for more hi-res photos, specs, and pricing:


Real Japan Blues 106BSP



Real Japan Blues 105BSP







Photos of RJB's Denim from a forthcoming Lightning Magazine Issue (worn for 10 months, washed twice):



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The RJB Kasuri Shirts

This is Japanese garment obsession at it's best here...

Kasuri (çµ£) is a Japanese textile technique that literally means "splashed pattern".

The Kasuri technique is done in the warp or weft or both threads. The threads are covered with paper, or plastic or any other material that will resist the dye then the dye is pressed into the threads by hand creating a very uneven dye pattern. Thus the warp or weft threads are dyed in patterns or designs before the threads are woven.

The the irregularities in the dyeing of the threads can identify this technique. Indigo dye is used for kasuri as well as pigment dyes and discharge techniques, such as what is used on this shirt by Real Japan Blues. This weaving and dye technique is very labor intensive and unfortunately, in today's Japan, only a few elderly weavers of this technique continue their textile artistry.

On the Black shirt the red print is from a Kasuri pattern while the white lines are painted on by hand with a discharge "ink" and on the Red shirt the black lines are from the Kasuri weave and the white lines are painted on by hand. Yes, we said painted on, by hand. Every line is a brushstroke.

These are now available in-store and in our online store along with a restock of the RJB Denim Shirts (with the silk weft). Check the online store for more specs, photos, and measurements. Jeans by this same brand will also be available December 20th, more information coming...









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Full size charts have been added...

And they've gone up for sale...

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Got quite a few PM's regarding whether or not these will be a limited run.

As of right now, yes.. we're not sure if RJB will be making any more of these.

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Kiya how does the thigh on the 106 compare with the sexsc06 ?

It's about .4" smaller on the 106BSP once they've been soaked...

The size chart:


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Let's see some fit pics..

We moved quite a few of these, and most people should have gotten theirs by now..

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+1 anxious for some fits too. particularly in the 106bsp

Here are a couple of shots that i had posted to WAYWT:


-Real Japan Blues

-Real Japan Blues


Bonus shot with AYN:


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Here's a few quick shots of my RJB 106bsp's.

Bought true to size (29) and hemmed an inch and a half while raw. Inseam after hot soak is about 34 inches now. I'm 5'9" 140 lbs for reference.

The jeans pretty much shrunk exactly as Self Edge said they would. The denim actually softened up a lot after the soak and is pretty damn hairy now.





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^ Thanks for the fit pics. If they were my jeans I would be tempted to wash them at 40 degrees to get all the shrinkage out of the way.

Yeah. I should've been more clear when I said soak. I actually threw them into the washer on hot and removed before the spin cycle. The waist shrunk almost 3 inches and the inseam about 3 so I think pretty much all the shrinkage is out of the way.

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thx lightZz,would love to see some more detailed shots if ever you get a chance

I took a couple close ups so you can see how hairy they are. Sorry for the shitty focus but I think you get the idea. =P



And some more shots with natural light (sorry for whoring just want to get some RJB pics out there):





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denim looks real nice,any close ups of the patch???


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