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  1. I think it's called clown shoe.
  2. I was going to try to have my shovel done for Born Free but i'll be leaving for Africa 4 days before the 30th. I won't be back until some time in October. It's a big bummer but oh well, there's always next year.
  3. Yeah, that's it. Oh wait, I've been wearing the same pair of Red Wing 2970s for about two years now. Bandwagon deez nutz homie.
  4. Can someone PLEASE explain to me the draw behind oxfords? I think it's funny to sit back and watch the "bandwagon" boots/shoes in this thread.
  5. Street cred ain't cheap.
  6. I want ones with a waffle/crepe sole from them. And a pair of their bobcats. Everything on the viberg-japan is awesome. Well, except the oxfords, which are a disgusting shoe. Period.
  7. $1000 for resoled engineer boots at HTC, no thanks. I'll pass. Mister freedom didn't have shit either. Well, they had a wall of what they called engineer boots when it was just western boots without straps. Really disappointed. Looks like I'll get a custom pair from Viberg. Ps. LA and its traffic can suck it.
  8. Those are nice but probably too big for me and i'm not looking to spend that much on boots anymore. Plus, i'm just going to resole whatever I get with a crepe sole anywho so no sense in spending a bunch of cash on something i'm going to retrofit.
  9. I've never liked them. The ankle strap is way too high. I really like the fit and toe profile on my Red Wing 2970. I called Mister Freedom and they have a pair of Mason engineer boots in my size. I'm driving down to sell my M6 and if they don't have any then i'll drive down to HTC. I need to get a pair of pants hemmed so might as well knock out two birds with one stone. Then i'm going to Sunrise Cycles. Not like you guys really want to know my whole schedule.
  10. Hey SXE, how exactly does one mosh or stage dive with those? Or do you wear those to the show and then take them off outside and put on some dunks to mosh it up? I'm totally kidding.
  11. Does anyone know a good place in LA for engineer boots? Be it vintage or new.
  12. You'll be fine.
  13. Wait, didn't you just repost them?
  14. the great chicken returns
  15. Good luck, I couldn't sell a pair of lightly worn ones for $200.