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  1. Graphic from front of THC-184. BLACK BIRDS Flat Hlat Motorcycle Association... WHAT?
  2. Not today but Halloween 2016: Replica M1942 Stahlhelm (International Military Antiques) Deadstock M38 Gas Mask / Replica Filter Stevenson Overall Co. Stevenson Overall Co. REI Wool Socks Viberg #idprobablygetarrestedingermanyforwearingthis
  3. If done right: dope.
  4. Hell yeah! I didn't know that. I'm exited to see what they have to offer. Glad to know that they will be doing more.
  5. Grail status. So soft. I have the SDA suvin sweatshirt and suvin indigo pocket t.
  6. TKT is lighter than THC. The fit on the TKTs I have is slimmer than the THCs I have. I think TKT is the successor to THO, which was the summer weight they did for like a season or two a year or so ago. TD and Jacquard shirts are also lighter, like ben said.
  7. Found at local Walmart.
  8. Yahoo Japan Auctions. Won at about 24,000 yen, and was the only bidder. Do you know the time frame in which they were made with these specs?
  9. Hey man, thank you for being one of the best contributors to TFH on the internet. I love displays like this. IMO it is especially useful in showing what a brand like RJB has/had to offer, and giving assistance with sizing. It seems pictures and sometimes information is scarce with RJB, less so with TFH I guess. Hardly any people post pictures like these online.
  10. A couple of things I've had for a while: RJB Kasuri Polo, 38, I bought this used a few months ago: TFH Jacquard T-shirt, M, bought new when it first came out: Edit: Sorry for tripple post. Wanted to get all the images in (due to post image limit). Even though (on my screen) just the links are showing up still in this last post. I hope I didn't break any rules.
  11. TFH Native Check from a few seasons ago, 38, new: TFH TKT T-shirt, 40, new:
  12. Some recent pickups: First up is 3005xx, sz 30, new: RJB Diamond Jacquard, 38, new: RJB "Houndstooth" shirt, 38, new:
  13. Oh, these are not my daily. I only bought these because I wanted something more on the repro side just for fun, (they will never be my daily pair) and I liked the 30s arc and tab combo. Like I said, this outfit is like a costume to me. I actually did retire my 3001s though. They're just too tight. But I started wearing my 106bsps daily and they are PERFECT. A size down from my 3001s too. I'll post some pics when they have some more wear. I also got some OG 3005XXs with the red tab in my size from Yahoo auctions! And they're new! No wash or wear! I got them for like 24,000 yen too. I'm so stoked about those, and when they arrive I'll definitely hook the community up with some pics.
  14. I'm just preaching. Don't let me tell anyone how to live their lives their lives. If you're metabolism is slow, or you just don't care, or care more about food, then it is what it is. I'm all about being ergonomic. When I'm 75 years old I want to stand straight as an arrow. When I'm doing things like running around and picking things up heavy things like to feel like my body is built for it. Not like I'm killing myself. But yeah it's not like a lot of people need to do that stuff anyways.Also that outfit is like a costume to me. Skivvys and Stanleys are totally undershirts. They're super tight too. I like cuffed jeans and mainly wear Visvim and John Lofgren Sneakers, so I be looking like a teenager from the 50's in plain white tees. I really like a lot of Flat Heads shirts but their long sleeves outnumber their short sleeves like at least 3-1! If Flat Head would step up their graphic tee game I would love to have some of those too. Most of what they do ends up being to much for me (who the hell am I though). The 1001SSXs aren't really my style in terms of fit and details and maybe even fabric (for a daily pair anyway, they're still a cool 30s/50s costume pair). And I'm not really into Viberg. Sorry for little tangent. I don't post often, so when I do I get wired. I check superdenim like every day to every other day though.
  15. This is how a skivvy/Stanley should fit! Take care of your bodies people. Especially when you spend as much on clothes as we do! 5 years down the line you might decide that you're not happy with your body and then you're SOL because some clothes may not fit you anymore if you want to make a change. Unless you're over like 5'8" because most of our favorite brands probably don't work for your big Western ass anyway. This shit almost looks straight out of A Streetcar Named Desire. Jeans are Warehouse 1001SSX. Levisified.