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  1. The Flat Head

    I have bought from them before. They are legit. I think they get their product from the actual flat head stores - stuff that doesn't sell. Don't quote me on that though
  2. Studio D'artisan

    Damn some people really out here boiling their clothes.
  3. The Flat Head

    I'm about to put up a brand new natural cordovan TFH Stockburg wallet on eBay but I have 2 Stockburg certificates of authenticity and they are both different. One came with my Wild Child wallet and one came with the cordovan wallet. Can anybody with the Wild Child wallet tell me which card they have?
  4. The Flat Head

    Not my size but thanks for the heads up! Congrats dudewhattheheck!
  5. The Flat Head

    Average height in Japan is 5'7" and honestly if you're taller than that your selection is limited. This goes for a lot of Japanese brands. But yeah Iron heart and Nine lives would be able to fit more body types probably. As somebody who is 5'7" 145 lbs. all of Flat heads stuff fits me perfectly. I wear a 40 in their T shirts, and a 38 in their shirts, sometimes a 38R, which is 2" wider in the body (chest?). Maybe check out the "R" (Regular) size from flat head. None of the western dealers carry it but you can find some R shirts in 2nd.
  6. The Flat Head

    I wasn't suggesting it was a problem. Just saying. Most people carry their keys in their front pocket.
  7. The Flat Head

    Car keys.
  8. The Flat Head

  9. Hilarious Rakuten Translations

    Good ole cell bitch
  10. The Flat Head

    These two fabrics are awfully familiar! The shirt I'm wearing is Stevenson Overall. Other shirt is Flat Head (images found on Yahoo Auctions Japan). Wonder who did it first? I don't actually care when this thing happens. I think it's actually kind of cool. We saw this when John Lofgren came out with the Champion sneaker in white, navy, and camo. Visvim did their own interpretation of the same camo JL did the season after. Well, how deep do you want to go, really? Those camos are based off of a WWII camo and all most of our favorite jeans are influenced by vintage Levis. John Lofgren Champions (Photo from Self Edge): Visvim Skagway (Photo from END. I think, but I'm not quite sure):
  11. The Flat Head

    Didn't see your post when typing out my response to edmond. Interesting insight on the flip phone use. Also my hypothetical situation of an employee saying "Why don't I just take a picture with my phone?" doesn't stand up as well to that. Nevertheless yeah the image quality sucks and 2nds website is garbage.
  12. The Flat Head

    Even if that's the case the quality of the photos is inexcusable. The only reason I can come up with as to why these photos are so low resolution is that the people at TFH or the people at 2nd don't want the images to be viewed in full quality because the fit, fabric, graphic, or details are susceptible to change. I just can't think of any reason why this would be an accident. Even if the image format was changed 3 times the imaged provided wouldn't look as bad as they do. If I was taking a picture of those shirts or any product and I knew the quality was going to be as bad as it is I would ask my boss "Why don't I just take a picture with my phone?" Any phone released within the last 4 years would take a better quality photo than that. Even under the presupposition that only 50% of Japanese people could read the text on the t-shirt (and I don't have any idea what that number might actually be), it doesn't make sense to me to expect people to pre-order a product with such a low resolution preview of what the product is probably going to look like. They should provide high quality images of their product so that the customer can see what they're pre-ordering is going to look like and the disclaimer on the product's page stating that it is a pre-order product and the fit, fabric, graphic, or details are susceptible to change should be enough to... well... disclaim that it is a pre-order product and the fit, fabric, graphic, or details are susceptible to change!
  13. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    I wouldn't mind having a couple shirts with that cutaway collar but I don't like how it seems to be on 75% of their shirts this new season. Hopefully it's just a phase. I prefer the original TFH collar.
  14. The Flat Head

    dude i am sooo glad that 2nd on rakuten uses the shittiest camera from 2002 to take all of their pictures hahaha like seriously so refreshing we dont need to see what the texts says or anything hahahahahaha like seriously all the details make it so complex like its just a t shirt like thats why i buy from flat head in the 1st place like just simplify it down its just a t shirt dont need to get all fancy with the details like how all these mid-high end brands like aeropostal and hollister distress all of there stuff like its just a tshirt agin so thankful this is so refreshing, here is a picture from their store page of a preorder of a new tshirt they got comin out I downsized it even more again like I said its just a tshirt dont need to get it all complicated and blow it out of proportion hahaha amigoshdangmotherlovingright?
  15. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    Dude that Flat Head dobby stripe shirt is blowing my mind oh my gosh.