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  1. Claytonimus

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    God damn boi everything Roy does has some of the most f beautiful stitching I've ever seen.
  2. Claytonimus

    Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    Mister Freedom chambray Real Japan Blues 106BSP Self Edge x John Lofgren Probably my favorite chambray.
  3. Claytonimus

    Stevenson Overall Company

    Fucking sick, STINGER
  4. Claytonimus

    Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    The Flat Head Real Japan Blues 106BSP Visvim Kiefer Edit: I think I can do image quality better next time, also will try to not get my shadow in the way.
  5. Claytonimus

    Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    Damn that henley is dope. I need the grey one in my life.
  6. Claytonimus

    Stevenson Overall Company

    No not that I noticed. If there was any it was minimal.
  7. Claytonimus

    Stevenson Overall Company

    I have it in blue. I put it in the washing machine on hand wash setting and it came out fine except there is a thread sticking out from one of the buttons that I don't remember if it was already like that or not. So as long as you actually hand wash it and don't use hand wash setting on a washing machine that is like 13-14 years old and probably pretty cheap (and doesn't actually spin the agitator any slower than the normal setting it just spins the agitator hard as fuck less often) like i did because I'm a peasant you'll be fine.
  8. Claytonimus

    Real Japan Blues - Jeans & Shirts...

    I don't know why I'm pointing this out almost 4 years later but I'm pretty sure that's a Gitman Brothers Vintage shirt, not rjb. All of the rjb rayon shirts have 5 buttons and that one has 6. Gitman: RJB;
  9. Claytonimus

    The Flat Head

    Vintage clothes are cool but vintage diets... let's just say science has progressed hahaha. - Cutting out fat isn't going to do anything, and also fat is good for you (like it is soo good for you, look into ketogenic diet). - "Gallons of water" isn't going to get you anything but hyponatremia. At most you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces, and honestly that might even be too much (your urine shouldn't be white). too much water also bad for your heart. - "Loads of protein" isnt going to help with weight loss. - Salt is an important nutrient. dont cut it out completely. - Too much carbs is not good for you. A proper diet would be: Proportional amount of vegetable, protein, and fats, and no sugar. and intermittent fasting does wonders.
  10. Claytonimus

    The Flat Head

    I have bought from them before. They are legit. I think they get their product from the actual flat head stores - stuff that doesn't sell. Don't quote me on that though