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SUPERDENIM SMALL QUESTIONS THREAD (Use instead of making new threads)


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recently bought levis 510 off ebay

what is the difference between made in mexico and US?

i thought levis should be made in US.

my tiny little red tab doesnt say levis, instead it is almost plain red tab.

my patch doesnt say anything about 510 and the width/lenght

is this normal? im kinda thinking mine is old version

but is this matter? tho i have been wearing em for a day, i do believe they are rigid/dry for real.

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Any estimates on which existing cut the new 24oz Samurai's are closest too?

Will the heavier weight cause more shrink?


its the 0510 cut

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x post from super shopper - thought i might just as likely find an answer here.

has the Skull Jeans (fab four) harajuku shop relocated? can anyone provide directions to it's location? thanks a ton in advance.

no, the store is unfortunately gone :( a lot of stores carry skull jeans in tokyo tho, of course...

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Anyone heard of Pedee jeans out of King's Valley, Oregon?

they make a basic slim raw work jean in a 15oz denim. looks pretty classic and like it would fade nice. they arent into style, just purely workwear. i'll probably order a pair soon here to try it out. theyre around $40 dollars.

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^^ ive heard of them. i think that they're made to order, and all materials are from the USA.

yeah - theyre a little tiny company. im pretty stoked on them actually lol

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is there a big difference of shrinkage in a cold water soak(10-30mins) compared to a cold water wash? (assuming the denim is sanforized)

Sanforized means it won't shrink.

and Solix of course is right, with non-preshrunk denim you might get marginally more shrinkage with the wash, as agitation is likely to make the water penetrate further into the cotton.

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What is the best way to stretch unsanforized denim after a hotsoak? I bought my f310's off a guy who hot soaked them and never wore them so theyre brand new still.

best way is to put them on and stretch em yourself.

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