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  1. Need a new bag and was thinking of getting the disptch utility tote. Does anyone have it that can comment about it?
  2. If anyone is interested, I got some 30BSP in size 30 for sale. Only has about 10 wears and are unhemmed. Message me if interested!
  3. Quick question on the 811. This fit is a little small around the waist and thigh area but these seem to be OW, do you guys think I'll be fine?
  4. Thanks guys for the heads up! Just bought a pair, hopefully they fit me. Came out to $158 shipped
  5. Yup, you can pick it up at your local Daiso
  6. I think I've been wearing these since October with 3 washes and 1 soak. These are right after a machcine wash and hanging to dry
  7. $1.50 comes in black, green and khaki
  8. @kiya curious about sizing on the 40BSPs, I have a pair of the 30BSP in size 29 and it fits perfectly everywhere except below the knees. Do you think I'd be good in a size 30 or 31 for the 40BSPs? thanks!
  9. Very curious to know more about this 40BSP caustic wave denim
  10. Can I sign up now? Already know which pair I'm gonna wear for this
  11. I guess at that point it would be more about which you like more and how much you are willing to compromise. They aren't deal breakers for me!
  12. Here's a 6 month update on my 509SE, these are getting better and better. These have had a few soaks and one machine wash.
  13. Here's a quick pic of the olive type3 from 3sixteen that I got from the sale a few weeks back. I love this jacket a lot. Here are some thoughts that I had that would be helpful for some other people: Size up one MAYBE two especially since these will slightly shrink as well. These have very high armholes. Also the sleeve cuffs opening is very small and I'm a small dude. I have to unbutton and button them up and keep this in mind when wearing a watch also. Also, it would be awesome if they came out with a lined type 3 jacket, I know they can come up with something nice Regardless, I love this jacket and I have been eyeing a type 3 in the shadow selvedge denim now...
  14. Has anyone happen to DIY line their type3 jackets?? Would love to line mine but curious to know if anyone could share any experiences!
  15. @joe_poww I agree. I purchased some olive type 3 from the sale and had to size up and I am a relatively small dude