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  1. noobedloser

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Anyone know where I can find some old 1108/1109xx in sizes 30-32 (depending on model)?
  2. noobedloser

    Urban Techwear

    @iamundying just looking at this at the moment because I’ve been looking for a liner for layering. I don’t even know how warm this would be https://shop.havenshop.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/haven-delta-liner-jacket-primaloft-nylon-ripstop-olive
  3. noobedloser

    Urban Techwear

    Is the quality of their clothes worth their price point? I’m looking at their new liner for FW20 but for $450? I can grab a AV Mionn at the price point which I know I’ll be extremely satisfied with. I just want a decent liner to layer with.
  4. noobedloser

    Urban Techwear

    Anyone buy anything haven-branded clothes? Seems super overpriced but want to know if it’s actually worth the $$
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