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  1. I guess at that point it would be more about which you like more and how much you are willing to compromise. They aren't deal breakers for me!
  2. Here's a 6 month update on my 509SE, these are getting better and better. These have had a few soaks and one machine wash.
  3. Here's a quick pic of the olive type3 from 3sixteen that I got from the sale a few weeks back. I love this jacket a lot. Here are some thoughts that I had that would be helpful for some other people: Size up one MAYBE two especially since these will slightly shrink as well. These have very high armholes. Also the sleeve cuffs opening is very small and I'm a small dude. I have to unbutton and button them up and keep this in mind when wearing a watch also. Also, it would be awesome if they came out with a lined type 3 jacket, I know they can come up with something nice Regardless, I love this jacket and I have been eyeing a type 3 in the shadow selvedge denim now...
  4. Has anyone happen to DIY line their type3 jackets?? Would love to line mine but curious to know if anyone could share any experiences!
  5. @joe_poww I agree. I purchased some olive type 3 from the sale and had to size up and I am a relatively small dude
  6. @nizzel even when your jeans are inside out, your fades still look good... not fair
  7. If anyone is interested the Muroexe atom shoes are $65 + shipping on mass drop. These shoes aren't bad except my sole detached from the upper shoe after less than a year of wear
  8. I have one from Guerilla group that I like. It's this one here: seems like they use the same strap system as well
  9. Bought a pair of skull 5507xx 6x6 jeans on sale from BIG but need to sell it. Letting it go for $100 shipped, brand new. Size 30 with a 32in inseam. Let me know if interested!
  10. Yeah, they do feel sanforized but they are one-wash already. the denim has a very similar feel to my 30bsp
  11. Just bought and received a pair of 5507xx from BIG. Im a bit disappointed at the denim from the initial feel. It's thick and soft but definitely not crunchy? like my 5010xx. The buttonholes were unnecessarily difficult to button up the jeans and seemed like the holes themselves wasn't cut properly. Threads seem a bit different as well. I'm hoping that this will change after I put some decent wear into these jeans edit: THIS IS NOTHING AGAINST BIG. Great service and pleasant experience as being my first purchase with them!
  12. I am about to give my 509se a hot soak and wanted to mention that I really like the pocket bags on these jeans.
  13. @mlwdp i wouldn't machine dry at all, only machine wash. Ive noticed that some of my jeans that have been machine dried have shrunken further after a wash making them unwearable or more difficult to stretch out. I am sticking to hang drying because of that
  14. Some blue starting to peek or of my 509SE
  15. Do you notice certain sites consistently having the steeper discounts or is it more random? 70-80% off is crazy for veilance.