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@lyraman sure mate... 

Mine is an L (the largest size they do)

  • Buaisou - arm measured on the outside 57cm + shoulders width 60cm = 117cm total
  • Real McCoys - arm 63cm + shoulders 53cm = 116cm

The arm I wear varies but the position of the arm, in my experience, does depend on the shoulder width e.g. the Freewheelers 1922 jacket has shorter arms to accommodate the drop shoulder.  Ditto the FW Powerwear hoody I have.  A few of my denim jackets are 60cm arms.

Need any more info or is this ok?

While I'm here... I was asked about weight so here are some relative weights fwiw.  I used one of those hand-held scales used for weighing bags for the airport.

  • Real McCoys (lighter one, not Ballpark) - 550g - I believe this is sold as a 10oz
  • Butcher Products 650g
  • Buaisou 750g
  • Freewheelers Powerwear hoody for completeness - 1,050g - it's a beast! 💪

So you can see where the Buaisou fits on the spectrum.

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Thanks MJF9 that helps especially giving the Real McCoy measurements that fit you. I have the work coat in a L that fits, the sweatshirt’s measurements are tricky, but with the drop shoulder I’m going to consider getting one.

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