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Skulls are skinny.

Japanese companies aren't producing jeans with arcs & tabs anymore.

I know, for some reason I don't like Skulls though.

Thinking of getting a pair of SD-103 and get them tapered at the tailor, not impossible to get those with arcs and tab still, right?

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how much shrinkage should i expect after giving kmw rockers a hot soak?

also, what difference in fit post-hot soak will i see? i've never soaked a pair of jeans before. is it really worth it?

KMW's are sanforized...you'll only see a very slight difference, if anything at all. Not worth the trouble unless you want to get rid of some of the starch.

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I'm deciding between a pair of Eternals and Flatheads. What are the pros and cons of each pair of jeans?

I don't think there are any cons, per se...both are known to fade faster than other jeans. I guess it all depends on what kind of fit you want....and if you get down to picky things, the FH's have prominent stitching on the backpockets, and the eternals have none.

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