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  1. qom


    Hello! I'm looking for a leather laptop case for a Retina MacBook 13". Looking for something like the one Our Legacy made a few years ago. Anyone seen anything like this that's made to fit a rMPB? (Even if I got my hands on the Our Legacy one I think it's slightly too large for the current MacBook line).
  2. qom


    Bit curious about sizing. I've owned three pairs of raw PS which I've downsized to size 29. Now I wanna buy a prewashed pair which contains 2% Polyurethane (http://www.apc.fr/wwuk/men/jeans/petit-new-standardn_pFVAADGF9/colour-_dBA00003082-BV00306538.html ) Should I downsize same as with a raw pair or would that be a bad idea?
  3. Looking for a pair of jeans similar to APC Petit Standard but in raw black denim with selvedge. For some reason it seems that the black version of APC PS doesn't have selvedge. Are there any jeans like there out there?
  4. qom

    Pure Blue Japan

    Hey, sorry to hassle that much, but I just measured my waist and I'm around 86cm (33.8"). Would you think it's good to go with sz 30 in pbj xx-011/013 (true size 33") or will they get too tight after a hot wash? As I said previously, I wear a sz29 in APC PS (true size 31")
  5. qom

    Pure Blue Japan

    Think it looks good too! Should be the fit I'm aiming for. A bit rusty with measuring and stuff, so I wear a size 29 in APC PS, what size should I pick up if I go with xx-011? How about size 30? And then hot soak them while wearing them in the tub.
  6. qom

    Pure Blue Japan

    Noob question ahoy! I'm looking for a pair of new jeans, I've previously worn APC Petite Standard size 29 and the fit me great (although they easily torn in the crotch) What model is the one that most similar to Petite Standard, and what size should I pick up in said model? Thanks for your valuable input.
  7. qom

    Wtb: Apc Ps Sz 29

    Hi, I'm interested in buying a pair of APC Petite Standard size 29. Preferably little or no wear
  8. qom


    what kind of shoes are those?
  9. qom

    Anyone make their own clothes?

    Anyone know where I could get my hands on t-shirts with a wider neck? AA ain't that wide in the neck.. Need to get some t-shirts with great fit for screenprints
  10. qom


    Maybe, my pair of NS and NC also torn in the crotch, multiple times. But it took more than a year for that to happen
  11. qom


    What is something better? Got the Petit Standard awhile back ago and they tore up in the crotch after less than 3 months, not what I'd call quality (no bike rides and what not, just regular wear) So a tip about something with a similar fit and no flashy seams on the pockets would be appreciated.
  12. Hi, You people that screenprint tees and what not, have you ever seen a wholesaler that sells tees with a wide neck? So far I've only seen the basic fit which is a bit tight in my opinion, looking for a fit like this: http://shop.acnestudios.com/media/catalog/product/cache/7/image/1200x/17f82f742ffe127f42dca9de82fb58b1/2/5/252104-100_a_36_1.jpg
  13. I want to buy your pair.
  14. qom

    WTB: CDG PLAY Knits Sz M

    Hi, Looking for knits from CDG Play. First and foremost I'm looking for a navy cardigan in size M. But other knits might be of interest. What you got?