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Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

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3 hours ago, mandel9000 said:

They're here! #61 checking in! 

The sizing issues in this thread had me concerned, but they fit just great and I have an inch to spare in the waist. Have you other one washers washed again or plan to do so? I think I will just to get all the inseam shrinkage out of the way and hopefully get the roping started. Sorry about the sloppy cuffing (first autocorrected to muffin!), was just trying them on very quickly. 




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On 8/26/2020 at 6:59 PM, CSL said:

@Foxy2  It seems you're implying that either I'm a racist (which would be a bit silly considering I've spent much of my musical career accompanying black artists many of whom were heroes to me - Chuck Berry, Jerry McCain, Lowell Fulsom, etc) or that I'm an idiot, blissfully unaware of fascist activity. While I am neither of those things I won't claim to have done a great deal to help the situation. I do recall speaking out against racism as a young man but I was never part of any organized movement. Perhaps you yourself are actively fighting the good fight & if so I applaud you for that but please take the condescension down a notch. I am well aware of what is going on here in the US. Believe me, the sane ones among us are sick with worry over what may happen in the coming election. 

and what a great musician Carl Sonny Leyland is !! CSL ....love your music from old krewman days till today. I really enjoyed your playing at Rockabilly Rave some years ago ! Cheers from Berlin !

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17 minutes ago, el padre said:

So you should be.

that owl looks like she’s after your boots, mind

Ha, I thought she was shocked by the cuff size

4 minutes ago, volvo240thebest said:

very nice @Illcutz


love the megacuffs too, but I'd give them a bit of ironing after the wash, to make them sharp and absolutely even to the mm :D


I’ll be getting the ruler out don’t worry!

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I felt brave and used the industrial machines in the basement of my building. Threw the jeans in with everything my new puppy has peed on this last week, so soft stuff like sheets, linens and towels, and did a 40 degree wash + 45 mins in the dryer. Didn't get that much inseam shrinkage, only 0.5", but about an inch in the waist. Nothing to speak of in the thighs, thankfully. They still fit! :cool:

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6 hours ago, Mustacchio said:

Hi mates,

i received mine 30minutes ago. Despite all the talking in this forum, i did not have any problem with sizing. I did homeworks and studied size chart before order and the fit is exactly what i was expecting.

I opted for a bit baggy short fit.

Here two quick pictures for share...

best regards from Italy!


WhatsApp Image 2020-08-27 at 17.50.03.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-27 at 18.14.01.jpeg

the diadoras just took it over the edge to a superrep <3

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Just got mine earlier today. The waist is a bit smaller than expected, however I will revisit back next week after some exercise/stretching of the denim. I’m glad with the pocket bags though. E928FE07-15FC-433D-A491-B51B2E9FF758.thumb.jpeg.821ab35b7d6e14d917637716a384e532.jpeg

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Mine showed up yesterday and got them today. I can barely button them! The waist was supposed to be 76cm and is 71! I hope these stretch like crazy and it is going to suck every time I wash them! I am cold soaking them and they may be up for sale!

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Hopefully can get these to work! This gets them to 29” and I should be able to stretch the rest. Denim is really nice and they fit great other than the “slightly” smaller waist


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