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  1. Just got another wash and dry. Have done a bunch of repairs on the stitching on the yoke and crotch but now need to do the pockets when I get the chance
  2. These are the old 666 21oz denim. Probably worn for about 2 and a half years at this point but rarely get use nowadays. Fresh out the washer and drier
  3. My brothers 710og worn for probably a little over a year and desperately in need of a wash
  4. Super old Indy boots think the color is brick. Probably had them about 8 years and with some minor stitching repairs still going strong
  5. Fresh out the washer and dryer
  6. Worn almost every day since the beginning washed a few times. Really digging how these are starting to turn out.
  7. Mini update. Not nearly as much wear as a lot of you guys
  8. Looking at broarks picture it seems they switched it up as to which pocket bag they left the selvedge on, as mine is on the left. Also still curious what leather the patch is made out of if anyone has any idea.
  9. Toured the anchor steam brewery
  10. 660, countless washes and trips thru the dryer
  11. Here they are after 1 day wear with my 660s they will be replacing as my daily wear jeans. Pretty sure I got all the shrink out after a hot wash and 10 minutes in the dryer. 3 inches in the inseam and the waist is already tight so I'm just going for it. My card is the moon, and is now a one wash version. Great fits everyone really excited this is starting up
  12. First time trying to upload from my phone. Sorry for the dirty room and bad quality photos
  13. Oh yeah. Roommate came up the steps and just tossed the package to me I was shocked. Having trouble with loading photos onto my computer but took a few pre soak and some fit pics. Lucky for me its like 80 degrees in SF today so they actually dried fast enough that I could try them on before splitting for work