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Flat Head x RJB Signet collab/contest!



48 members have voted

  1. 1. Arcs?

    • RJB Diamonds (tonal (blue))
    • Flat Head Overseas
  2. 2. Patch?

    • RJB Black Deerskin
    • Flat Head Natural Goatskin
  3. 3. Buttons?

  4. 4. Rivets? (both are copper)

  5. 5. Pocketbags?

    • Herringbone or RJB fabric
    • Stock RJB pocketbags

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Rjb arcs upside down. In khaki/dark orange colored thread


Let me know what you guys think


- I wouldn't want to have too big of a colour contrast with the red crossed swords embroidery (if there will be one the back patch pocket) and the arcs

- these specific arcs in orange thread could look very similar to Nudies arcs...

Other than I'm fine with the proposal.

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I like everything proposed. Would the buttons and rivets be FH? Mix? Kinda weird to have a FH tag inside the waistband if everything else was RJB. And the arcs will be like the red ones foxy posted in the previous page? Or will they not be filled in?

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I like what Ed suggested, would like some more FH and RJB hardware mixed if possible.

Still hoping for one FH arc and one RJB arc, both in a two tone stitching or something like that. But not holding my breath.  :rolleyes:

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yup like Ed's take on it too.

after another glance at the Fh 3009 measurements I think I'll be fine with these.

Should we really have the chance of tweaking the cut I'd love to have a touch higher waist and a slighty less prominent taper. talking about a half inch here and there on a 36 size. that would almost sound like finding a good compromise between the 3005 and the 3009 cut. I'd love to see this happen and that everybody is happy with it!

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If we can do the diamond arc I'd prefer it, I know we've previously said it's not worth talking about, is now the time for it? I love the diamond arcs!


Normal RJB arc in normal color otherwise would be my preference, not worth trying to fuck with that too much.


In for all other modz.

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How about:

- FH male/RJB female rivets

- alternating FH/RJB stitches

- FH warp/RJB weft

- FH patch with RJB font

- turning them into an SDA-style super-Frankenstein hybrid model with clashing details/denims/cuts from both brands all incorporated into a single pair

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^lol. Okay I am going to start working on polls. Should I turn this post into a poll and also make my first post with the options to for the poll? Since if someone were really interested I"m guessing theyw ould start at first page and read about the flagship and stuff, best to avoid that.


But guys truly I don't want to make a poll for every thing since we're going back to square one, I was thinking just the different versions of the cursive "r" stitch. Can always add more polls if necessary of course.


1. Normal r stitch







1. Upside down r stitch






3. Diamonds






(shoutout to Kyle's perfect fit)

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Yes for sure. Please vote for whatever you want the most, not what you're afraid enough other people won't vote for so you pick your 2nd choice. I'll add up the the members who chose the weakest option 2nd choices to keep it so most people are happy.

Also wanna mention that the upside down kinda looks like SDA imo

And only vote if buying a pair of essentially what we've decided :)

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And please remember everyone vote up top. Also that may be it were voting on and going with whatever Ed mentioned for everything else or I may add more polls depending on what Ed wants. I'll remind you here and change my first post to all options available once I'm sure we all know what's on the table!

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Also wanna mention that the upside down kinda looks like SDA imo

lol, you're right.

I will not involve me any further, but I still pray for he diamonds. Anyway, have fun with this collab peeps and keep us posted in the progress (don't forget your discipline)!!!!

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