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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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On 8/28/2019 at 9:27 PM, Mixture said:


J65-AK Size L - $600 $550 Net (9/10 condition comes w/ only spec sheet).

3A-MZ5 Black X-Pac Pair - $285 $250 Net (Like new, Full Pack).

P30A-DS Size S - $1400 net (New, Full Pack) - $OLD


J61-GTV Size Small - Brand new with spec sheet and bag. 

Price: $1950 Net -> willing to do $1850 Net 

Please add 3% PP (or gift) + shipping

Price drop on the j61.

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On 9/12/2019 at 1:38 PM, lopiteaux said:


P30A-DS, large, full pack, 9/10 - £850 SOLD

J29-PX, large, full pack, BNWT - £1,300 Gone

J69-GT, large, full pack, worn once so 9.5/10 - £1,000 £900

NG4-AK, OS, full pack, BNWT - £350 Gone

NG9-PS, full pack, worn 3 times so a conservative 9/10 - £200 SOLD


All prices exclude fees and shipping.

I'm also considering putting up a J68-WS in XL, and a J36-S RAF in large. I'll add them once I've made my decision, but in the meantime, if you're interested, let me know.

Bump, and added a minty fresh J29.

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On 9/18/2019 at 12:13 PM, emilpops said:



8.5/10 Condition - No major flaws, minimal wear, very small tape peeling on the inside, not noticeable

Specsheet, tags and receipt included, Replacement Bag 


BIN: £1000

Shipping worldwide: Buyer covers shipping and fees




Bump, still available, price drop on the J56-GT : £950 ++


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J56-S (Small) -  For this I'm not a huge stickler for condition. If you've got a well worn one that you don't mind parting with let me know! 

J28-K (White/Orange) (Medium)

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Hello - clearing out the following:

J63-PB, size M, bag and sheet. Worn 4/5 times. Maybe some slight sheen but no noticeable damage - £875

P26-S, size M, RAF, bag and sheet. Tried on only. £500

PP F&F or add fees, if in the UK I ship for free, if elsewhere then we can talk. Thanks 

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On 9/25/2019 at 1:15 PM, nodre said:


J1A-GT (gen 2.1)

Sz Large


bag and spec

kinda stuck at $2250 but send offers and i'll def try to work something out,



2k shipped conus, 

int’l little more for shipping 

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P24A-S(2018) sz M black - no bag and spec
roughly 8/10 cond (wear on zippers/snap buttons - raid pocket and cargo pockets)

950net (free shipping to states and canada)

P31-DS sz L 

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3a-6ts Blk.xpac 9.5/10 Euro 1590 full packed NET

J1alp sz M 9.5/10 no packingS OLD

J47r-gt sz M full packed 9.5/10

Euro 1280

5-8 Nov I'll be in Germany

12 Nov - 16 I'll be in Netherlands

See if it can facilitate the transaction


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WTS(all full pack):

P10-S (M) black 2018 950++ USD 

J41-gtv (M) just tried on, 1150++ USD

p27h-ds (S)  1000++ USD


And would trade any of those for 

J74-px in medium + cash




J68-s/ws (M)



*edit some price changes*

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WTB the following

Acronym 3A-5TS 3rd ARM
Acronym 3A-8TS

Acronym P23TS-S Preferred Large/will consider Medium

J28-GT Large
S6-C Large

Based in London, will not pay crazy resell prices, condition used but not abused


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