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  1. I like the original fit too but in that leaked photo it sort of looks like the baggy elbows may be tucked behind ...wondering if it has actually been re-cut after all
  2. Someone previously said it had a (detachable?) hood if you go back a few pages.
  3. Maybe they realised we don’t go outside during the Spring/Summer months
  4. Sorry - I didn't have any others to compare it to unfortunately. All I know is that, being leather, they have to fit tight if you ask me (a la the baby hand) so I had to keep sizing down. They stretch of course when a bit small and then seem to mold to the hand nicely. Probably not much help I know ...not sure how often they come up regardless of size.
  5. I was thinking back to an experience a few years ago when i was in an email exchange about 6 deep with someone at whilst they patiently answered my questions on a particular item for a whole week before i put my hand in my pocket and bought it. (Not only that - once I got hold of it they gave me a load of advice afterwards ). So different to my SS17 experience where I was basically empty handed and swearing for a few days!
  6. Did you try the facet in person? I haven’t exactly got tiny hands but I had to try about three different sizes before I could get a nice tight fit in a S...I think I started with the L too.
  7. Yes true - I just feel like more recently he has standardised on laminate for instance and been pushing the flashier stuff. He prototyped the foil then but it was less than two years ago when those models were released to the public. We've had this discussion a few times before where it seems a more luxury look is the way things are headed in certain components. Just a tongue in cheek remark anyway...I can't see the laminate going just yet!
  8. For me, this is the best season in a while and I want several pieces. Fingers crossed this is the start of things getting back on track. Need that lookbook!
  9. Face it - he’s all about laminate, foil, raccagni zips and all kinds of horrors these days
  10. Yeah! The new pics were all it took...although it still hung on a little while
  11. I think they're great but they were never massively popular so let's hope you can pick one up at a good price if people bought to resell.
  12. I dunno...I had a hell of a time trying to get the stuff I wanted last release and I was there on the dot waiting for it.
  13. 34 looks so good in those new pics where he sized up. Very underrated jacket if you ask me.
  14. Just a bit of input - i remember an old post and I also recently had it confirmed again by someone from Stotz that a good choice for restoring water repellency on EtaProof is the Nikwax spray for waxed cottons. Just be careful to check how it affects the colour (prob more of an issue if your pants are green). The way the Acronym labels talk about the "impregnation" of EtaProof is apparently a bit misleading as it just needs to be applied to the surface (rather than something like the Epic cotton).
  15. I think a hoodie looks good under J62 a bit like Errolson had in the SSENSE(?) photoshoot. 63 I would potentially layer under another jacket if anything. I just went my usual ACR size on both. To me if you sized up on the 62 much you'd kill the cut of it - you don't want the shoulders to not line up etc...I can fit J48 or something under mine easily with my regular size.