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  1. RemarkableArmor


    This. I don’t see any bangers in any of this at all that are going to set the resell world aflame. Hopefully some people can pick up some bits they’re pleased with for decent prices but the “vault” is just a spin on stuff no-one bought back then...often for good reason
  2. RemarkableArmor

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Keep it up man you’ve got a good style! Need to get those Vapormax again after I burst the last pair ... not sure if anyone else is experiencing this a while on... I’ve done two pairs now but I probably overwear them
  3. RemarkableArmor


    @SlackJackflack let us know what their response to the email is please.
  4. RemarkableArmor


    J84 came in and v.happy. It’s nice not to have something with such an aggressive pocket array for once (I have a fair few of those!). The cut is roomy enough for some layering but not overly boxy and yes the hood is a bit different but removable
  5. RemarkableArmor


    I would toss all my other S pieces for a J28-S in RAF! Wasn’t so keen on the shakedry hoods in the end and wondering if that has been abandoned after J27 now being that the J47 didn’t have it ...
  6. RemarkableArmor


    Even though I like it all personally, doesn’t feel like there was/is a killer piece this season that would generate enough excitement to sell out. People probably bought the P10s as they were the cheapest pant in a while (and a versatile staple without the A). If they had released a white J1A that would probably have flown out. Maybe J84 will be exclusive to acrnm.com ...
  7. RemarkableArmor


    That J40 looks a lot cooler (what looks like) beaten up ... was never a fan back in the day of that silhouette at all with the weird long arms but especially the leather one! This looks great though.
  8. RemarkableArmor


    They should refund you ... they may have been haphazard with replies in the past but I’m sure their principles still remain.
  9. RemarkableArmor

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Anyone seen the bags at retailers yet?
  10. RemarkableArmor


    It’s pretty floppy for that imo - I would get the NG5-AK if you want a gaiter and something that’s still out. It’s the same material and would fit better than an NG4 worn in a gaiter style. Neither will have the rigid powerstretch quality that you want but it’s still a nice material if you ask me.
  11. RemarkableArmor


    I had 2 amazing repairs off them in the last 2 or 3 years. One where a tear on a GT pro sleeve disappeared to the point where they must have just replaced most of the sleeve. Another where they patched a hole in the back of another GT pro shell immaculately. Actually ... a third one they fixed J62-PB pockets (albeit that was their defect) after initially saying just use a local tailor. In all cases the repairs were silly cheap (15EU for the sleeve one) or free and UPSd back to me.
  12. RemarkableArmor


    Yeah ... you can put some military badges on there should you wish as per the J16-GT Velcro shoulder flaps. I don’t believe there is any other technical reason for those.
  13. RemarkableArmor


    Yeah that’s a good point (PB/FO) ... the face feels a lot more fragile than the lining in that instance. I can see how it would be a good move!
  14. RemarkableArmor


    Also I always figured this might contribute to more seam peeling if that faces the washing machine drum... (even though I use a garment bag too *paranoid*)
  15. RemarkableArmor


    It just didn’t work for me - I didn’t bother looking for a workaround as I just want something at that price to work as-is out the box else it goes back. Had to yank it down on one side to align it all the time etc. Same kind of reason why I got rid of the J59-GT as I couldn’t stand that zip either. I have seen the raccagni zips work fine on other models though and clearly people got on ok with the J50-S apart from me. It has a great sturdy feel to the jacket and I was bummed not to keep it at the time.
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