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  1. I got the impression Idol and Edition had them (the 62 at least). Just saw you were asking specifically on the 63 so not sure if they got that too
  2. Looks like the first survey on the PB material got sent out. Its been too hot to use them much my end though!
  3. So, my experiences and just talking about GT shells again to begin with: From memory people used to say avoid the 2-in-1 type stuff and keep the washing and DWR application separate. I've been using the Grangers performance wash for a low temp machine wash, two rinses (think this is the advice on the ACRNM labels) and then the Xtreme repel which then requires tumble drying to activate. I have a jacket I have washed in this fashion 8 times now and the seams are only just starting to peel a bit and otherwise no perceivable damage. Ive previously also tried the regular Grangers proofing spray and air-dried. Can't say I noticed any difference in performance of the DWR really (compared to Xtreme repel) but one thing that seems better to me is that by tumble drying it distributes/spreads it all out and doesn't leave traces where you may have sprayed it more than others. Therefore I've stuck with the Xtreme repel since. Ive also washed my PL-J1 with Grangers down wash and Xtreme repel which worked great. Another variation would be the J25-WS which came out bulletproof after the perf wash/Xtreme repel Combo and a tumble dry on high heat (from memory this is recommended on the label vs the GT proshell advice). Regarding pants as per my post above I've been sloshing stotz pants in a lukewarm bathtub of water with Grangers perf wash to try and avoid the stone wash effect which seems to have worked ok. I just used the Grangers cause I had it but interested in any other choices people have here.
  4. I must admit my experience is mostly from washing the GT-Pro shells vs the pants but i absolutely love doing it - they come out super fresh and crispy plus i find travelling a lot with bags wears off patches of the DWR in the same old places so i like to take the chance to wash and re-apply the DWR often. Very little wear and tear evidenced and they immediately perform better. I'm also of the same opinion that this is why I'm paying a lumpy price for an item that will last when treated properly.
  5. I'm not sure if Grangers is the best bet (apart from when I've machine washed GT shells which seems to go great) but I've washed various pairs of ACR pants by sloshing them around in a bathtub of lukewarm water with a cap full (believe it activates at 30 degrees or something) then rinsing in the same fashion and drip-drying.
  6. I sent mine back too cause of this. I wasn't sure if it was just the way my feet/walking style are but it was embarrassing walking down the street as they were making a right racket. Great shoe in every other respect imo!
  7. Had a reply back apologising but just recommending getting any old tailor to fix. It doesn't bother me massively tbh but felt like I had to at least get some feedback from them considering how much I shelled out.
  8. No-one selling any Blame! tees?
  9. There's loads of stuff sitting on grailed for double retail as a result of the recent upsurge in popularity of the brand. I counted 18 x J1TS-S at one point. I think most people here appreciate more approachable pricing when they are genuinely buying for themselves to use, you'll notice a lot of people moving stuff on for retail which is more like the spirit. After the last 3rd arm drop the bags sold out in minutes and then resellers got stuck with them. It's so, so silly and I hope this bubble bursts soon.
  10. In my head there is some kind of increased disconnect between HQ and the when they told me to keep sending repairs requests to what seemed to be a blackhole with no-one on the other end...whereas whoever it was behind the 'shop' email genuinely believed it was going to give me a result. As bad as it sounds I never felt the need to fine-toothed comb check my items from them which is probably my fault for being lazy when I spent so much money. Increasingly these days it does reveal flaws though. This one got a quick try on then back in the bag due to the heatwave before someone else mentioned the issue and I then found it too. It seems wise now to run your fingers over every seam etc after purchase...and yeah for 1200 or whatever maybe im an idiot for not doing that anyway.
  11. I sent a mail to them about this...not gonna hold my breath but we can but hope. I'm keeping the jacket whatever but it does suck that the standards are sloppy at that price.
  12. Got the cap through today just because i was curious. It feels like such a cheap novelty item to me - almost like a fancy dress item or something out of a christmas cracker...each to their own I guess
  13. ^^^ Even in date order
  14. Recently I've found some of the spec sheets crappy quality anyway so you definitely wouldn't know the difference.
  15. In my head it's J1B(asic) vs Advanced but annoying they got rid of the explanations from the site with all the others...