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  1. I'm pretty sure Lenny just likes wearing Yeezy's based on his instagram...I don't think this is some clever scheme.
  2. Definitely no wow-factor but theyre solid and I like them. Personally I have two pairs of 24As and am already avoiding them for these - I suspect I'm in the minority there though I got them as a neutral go-to pant which they do well. I sometimes feel a bit like a bin-man/rollerblader with all those 24A pockets but yes, they're more obviously Acronym whereas the 24 could be anything from a distance so you may not think you bought anything very special.
  3. Haha...from my perspective I like to keep it for archival purposes (it's quite an oddball) but my opinion is that the construction feels cheap. The thin material curls up annoyingly (at least on mine and I only wore it about once). My hope is that the NG4 they showed in some other photoshoots (if it's not a typo!!) is a revision of this model with better construction. If so I would hold out for that one!
  4. Don't do it! Very overrated imo when you get it in person Also it seemed like NG4 is on the way and looks very similar.
  5. I'm not a fan of the duotone stuff personally but I remember that one sat around on the website longer than the black one. Its following increased over time I think.
  6. It's very rare to get a mail back from them these days but if you send the item back they will process your refund pretty quickly in my experience - you just don't get any interaction.
  7. Either that or the guy just needs the spec sheets for his collection which wasn't an unreasonable ask up until about 6 months ago!
  8. Maybe it's a case of prototyping in advance for the colder seasons. They know Acronym buyers will be sweating away in jackets all year round so won't be deterred to purchase regardless of temperature
  9. Does anyone have HD4-BR in size large to let go? Thanks
  10. Totally with this. This is the best thing I've bought in ages...even if after unpacking I caught the flap in the zip and almost suffocated to death
  11. Just send it and the refund will come in. No retailers in London but someone said 18 Montrose were gonna open up...
  12. Not that it can't change but Errolson responded to some dude not that long ago on twitter saying no restock on this for at least a year.
  13. Yeah it was there - same version reposted.
  14. I don't have the very latest ones but historically I found them big...I'm a UK 8.5 and got a 41 in the euro sizing but that was an exact fit with no leeway
  15. ive done multiple orders from them with minutes between before and got separate shipments