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  1. RemarkableArmor


    It said 3L GT pro
  2. RemarkableArmor


    I just feel like the pieces I have from >5 years ago pretty much WERE flawless and just worked. Then I remember people talking about P23s where the ankle cuffs split unless you put them on with your feet angled a a certain way ... and then you have to angle zips a certain way and pull one side of the jacket down. It’s the kind of thing I’d expect to do on a cheap jacket or something I bought knowing that I could expect flawed implementation. Now it’s a lottery in my experience. I’ll keep buying but good to get the intel on here regarding pieces I’d rather not get involved with. I don’t want to have to think about zip strategies when I’m buying acronym this should all be done for us!
  3. RemarkableArmor


    This REALLY bugs me ... acronym stuff used to be just throw it on and it works in every respect and you don’t have to put thought into how you line up a zip or anything like that. I can handle the ever-rising price point but this is just going backwards and they have killed multiple awesome pieces for me with this type of issue. Training yourself to learn a technique like this ... you really shouldn’t have to do it when you’re paying this much. I just send the offenders straight back before I get into this mindset although I always want to keep them as they are typically 98% awesome and I do understand! “Maybe I can just learn to zip it this way and it’ll be ok” ... these pieces are upwards of €1.5K!!! My take anyway and I do understand why people keep the gear and adapt to it. I was gonna get a J83 but know this one won’t work for me now.
  4. RemarkableArmor


    Yeah it makes total sense and this is my ignorance for not picking up on that prior to purchase. Being that this one was for casual wear in my case I’m not sure it will work out in this instance but it’s an otherwise lovely piece.
  5. RemarkableArmor


    Any first impressions on the Evolution? Mine just came in and I’m pretty into it but I missed the fact that it doesn’t have any pockets for your hands so I’m feeling a bit lost with that
  6. RemarkableArmor


    From my perspective nothing logical ... it’s an acronym collab and I like acronym ... shameless I know . Growing up as a streetwear nut I was always a sucker for a good double label !
  7. RemarkableArmor


    Yeah ditto ... it doesn’t look significantly bigger on him to me to be an L based on those numbers (assuming he normally models Ms) but will see I went my normal ACR size. Thanks
  8. RemarkableArmor


    How did you size compared to your normal ACR size if you have one? I just noticed that E is wearing an L but the measurements don’t seem less than a normal ACR hardshell.
  9. RemarkableArmor

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    I’ve got all of them and I wouldn’t say the AK is shitty, it’s arguably the nicest one in a lot of ways if you ask me. The polartec curls up round the edges and feels/looks cheap IMO whereas the AK feels more high end. Yes it’s more delicate but the PS is hardly heavy duty and that particular model definitely has a nasty feel to it.
  10. RemarkableArmor


    I only have P31 but the 33 looked a much straighter cut in the leg from the product shots I saw. Also that neon pink hood on the J1B seriously pops...quite like it! My old J1B never got much love in the end though. Insulated 68 looks like the best iteration yet!
  11. RemarkableArmor


    Maybe a crazy idea but I use a warm iron over a teeshirt onto it whilst wet and before hanging ... definitely gets the wrinkles out and can’t say I’ve noticed any damage to the surface
  12. RemarkableArmor


    I got it when it released too but after my first outing with the hood up realised it was too dangerous to try and walk with no peripheral vision
  13. RemarkableArmor


    I know it’s subjective but that thing is one of the worst jackets they ever made imo/ really not a desirable piece so wouldn’t surprise me if no-one entered and they put it up for sale after.
  14. RemarkableArmor


    This. I don’t see any bangers in any of this at all that are going to set the resell world aflame. Hopefully some people can pick up some bits they’re pleased with for decent prices but the “vault” is just a spin on stuff no-one bought back then...often for good reason
  15. RemarkableArmor

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Keep it up man you’ve got a good style! Need to get those Vapormax again after I burst the last pair ... not sure if anyone else is experiencing this a while on... I’ve done two pairs now but I probably overwear them
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